Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Race To The Finish

The heat is on. Only 17 days left before victory.

I have already made my prophecies earlier on this blog about who is going to win.

We already know that the Dynamic Duo of Bert Johnson and Bill McConico are going to win. Hands down and I will carry that to the bank. The same way the Miami Heat upset the Dallas Mavericks is the same way McConico is going to upset Martha Scott. Regardless of the Call Em Out bullstuff that you have been reading on this blog (yes I know it you guys) about McConico and his "mythical fairy" law practice and cannot provide a clear concise reasoning of why he missed votes we should dismiss the niggerization process and hop on board the Dynamic Duo's boat.

They are also attacking Bert Johnson because he has a past history with the law. Did they check Korey Hall's record? You know the record that shows he supports failing public schools, elimination of educational choices for parents and gay marriages? The very dilemmas that are killing Black people in this community? Remember, Hall is not using his own creativity in this race, he is running on behalf of the NAACP. Which puts Johnson as the forerunner.

I am also confident that Shanelle Jackson is going to win because girlfriend has a base. She is up against some competition like Anthony Bradford and Tia Davis but The Rev. will come out on top. While negroes like William Watkins continue to use his sleazy, nasty lies on Shanelle I would like to remind people that William Watkins belongs to a cult called the Nuwaubians and is anti-Christian. Don't believe me look it up.

The Holy Spirit is moving with Kimberly Hill in the State House race in District 4. While Maureen Stapleton, Coleman Young Jr, Frazier Kimpson, Daniel Crockett and Ellen Logan are battling for second place in this race Kimberly will slide in because of her true connection to Christ.

I am not worried about Tupac Hunter winning a seat in the State Senate because the other people in the race are nowhere close to catching him.

This is going to be a very interesting finish so stay tuned.

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