Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Right Stuff by Akindele Akinyemi

Never mind the rumors you heard about this queen on the throne. Alison Vaughn is a very simple woman.

She does not have time to fight with people who are going to maintain the staus quo.

She wants to make a difference.

This is the reason why put her hat in the ring for State Senate in District 3 in Detroit against this incumbent.

State Senator Irma Clark-Coleman. At 69 years of age you would have thought she would have mentored someone younger and moved over.

Of course, when you are getting your palms greased by special interest groups and PACs that are keeping our children enslaved in a failing public school system what do you expect?

Clark-Coleman is a woman of God. Ms. Vaughn is Christ Centered and Christ Conscious. It's a little deeper.

You see, the incumbent in this seat is a slave to the teacher unions. Therefore, she cannot support educational options in Detroit. She has to support DPS and continue to support this:

Thugged out females in DPS. Some are worse than the males. In high schools like Finney, Cody, Mumford and Northern there are lesbian gangs that turn out other females.

Underage drinking in DPS during homecoming parties. Why pour more money in for DPS when this kind of activity is taking place?

Sex in the back hallways in DPS while the students should already be in class. Remember, HIV is high in DPS schools mostly due to unprotected sex. Why is preganancy out of control in District 3?

However,Irma wants to stop the promotion of educational choice in the district and city as a whole.

This is nothing more than slavery. Why would Irma sell us out 400 years?

Alison Vaughn, is the opposite. She believes in fighting for educational choice for our parents and students in our city. She wants to bring students here to NYC where they can learn about real economics. Ms. Vaughn also wants to promote educational entrepreneurship to bring competition to the school district to make DPS straighten up their act so they too can be on track in a 21st century world.

We need to tell Irma that the days of serving special interest over our children is over. We need to vote for this woman: Alison Vaughn on August 8, 2006.

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