Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Senator Clark-Coleman Calls For The Destruction of Educational Options by Akindele Akinyemi

It is a known fact that voters will vote for State Senator Irma Clark-Coleman out of pure ignorance.

However, ask yourself this question. Would you allow your conscious to vote for someone who is dying to get rid of charter schools and other educational options in the City of Detroit and send your children back to slavery (DPS)?

Let's examine some of Clark-Coleman's record on education.

In 2003-2004 Irma Clark-Coleman voted on the following:

SB 393#03-280 Charter Schools: NO

Even though parents and students are begging for options she voted NO and sided with teacher unions to keep your children enslaved. She even voted the NAACP position on this legislation as well as the AFL-CIO.

Read her statement on why she did not vote on SB 393:

I rise in opposition to Senate Bill No. 393. This bill does not include provisions recommended by both the Auditor General and the McPherson Commission for additional oversight by the Department of Education. Now, while I appreciate that this bill does include some oversight provisions currently lacking under the law, it does not provide adequate staff to carry out the function of oversight. Why put oversight provisions in a bill and not provide some staff that's going to be able to oversee these additional charters?

Then this bill increases the charter school cap by too many schools in too short of time. Due to a decline in revenue and the proration of school aid payments which occurred earlier this year, additional schools will create an additional strain on the school aid budget. As this bill was amended on General Orders, it now allows a charter school to collect state aid for a student who is not physically present in the classroom but instead is participating by distance learning.

You know, I hear my colleagues saying, "Detroit, this is good for you. We know what is good for you." It's deja vu all over again. It reminds me of the nights we sat in the early mornings and this body or the body over in the House said the same thing to us, "We know what's best for you. You don't know what's best for you. You can't take care of your own so we're gonna do something for you. We're going to eliminate your right to vote, and we're going to give you something we know is best for you."

Well, listen to me, legislators, it ain't working. What you thought was good for us eliminated any parental involvement and any involvement from the community. And until you recognize that the community has to be involved in education, nothing that you impose upon my city will work. So you need to take a strong look at your own city, decide what's good for your city, and let us make a decision about what's good for our city. You've not done it in the past, you're not doing it now, and I don't expect you're going to do it in the future. But just know that when you impose something on someone else's city and you send a group through there that looks nothing like that city and say this is good for you, it's not going to work.

This is her paranoia speech to white people. These legislators were trying to help us achieve educational options.

These charter schools are not going to work. We've got lots of charter schools in Detroit. Are they working? Some, but guess which ones are working? The ones who were educators before, who had schools beforehand and know how to make them work. We've got a whole bunch of them that are not working. We've got charter schools that are in one big room that used to be a gym with just little partitions. Is that what we want for our children? No. So I'm going to urge my colleagues not to support this legislation. It's not good legislation, it's not good for the city of Detroit, and it's not good for Michigan.

I'm happy that someone can be a whore for the teacher unions because I would not bend over for the soap at all. The charter schools that she is talking about are those charter schools with poor management companies. I can attest to that. But what Clark-Coleman leaves out are the educators that are running charter schools in the ground most likely comes from DPS with poor management skills to begin with.

The other thing is how come no one suggested that out of 15 charter high schools 8 of them can be authorized by DPS? What about those of us who are trying to get into educational entrepreneurship by owning and operating our own management company. If DPS wants to become a district of the 21st century it must do three things.

1. Shrink the district.

2. Allow Wayne RESA to run it (regionalize the district).

3. Allow competition in the district.

She also said this silly statement:

"We've got charter schools that are in one big room that used to be a gym with just little partitions. Is that what we want for our children? No."

What about DPS schools that have over 40 students in the class with a teacher that do not give a damn about the conditions of his/her classroom? What about smelly toliets, dirty sinks,no toliet paper, no running HOT or COLD water, using coal to produce heat that causes illness, no textbooks, no adequate library, old rust filled water fountains in schools, teacher strikes, inflation, pork-barrel spending, police mini-stations inside the schools, metal detectors, shootings inside and outside the schools, arrests, murder, rape, sex on stairways and in back halls, falling plaster from ceilings, skipping all the time, no parental support, hallways smelling like urination and feces, no attendance policies on record, old desks with carvings where a student cannot use the desks to write on, holes in walls, grafitti on walls as if we are on the NYC subway, gay and lesbian gangs, and no accountability in the schools(fiscal or otherwise).

She wants to talk about charter schools? Why would I send ANY child back to the plantation that is filled with death? We might as well put shackles on our children and tie them down to a desk.

She also introduced the following bill:

2005 Senate Bill 385 (Allow Detroit school principal unionization ) to allow Detroit school district superintendents, principals, and chief business administrators to establish or join a union, and require the district to engage in collective bargaining with them. This could make it much more difficult to replace individuals in these positions.

Dis she forget the fact that nonunion participation within the top echelon keeps the system free of our school system being held hostage to any group of folks.

What about this:

2006 Senate Bill 1021 (Mandate high school graduation requirements ) to prescribe high school graduation requirements for public schools and charter schools. These would include four credits (or year-long courses) each in English and mathematics; three in science and social science; two in a foreign language; one in physical education; one in fine arts or music; and at least one in certain electives specified in the bill. Also, one course or "learning experience" that was presented online. Alternatively, an 11th grade student who has completed three years of this curriculum could request a custom "individualized learning plan." The bill would also require the state Department of Education to develop clear and consistent content expectations for all these classes. Schools would be required to have these standards in place beginning with students who graduate in 2010, or have a timetable in place for adopting them.

I commented on this bill earlier on this blog. Where is the civic education/economics requirements?

Please do not continue to support an overseer on education that will send out children back to the plantation. A vote for Clark-Coleman is a vote for enslavement.

Please vote for Alison Vaughn for State Senate District 3 on August 8, 2006. We must send someone who will fight for options.

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