Thursday, July 06, 2006

Shanelle Jackson Is In Divine Order by Akindele Akinyemi

Shanelle Jackson is one of One Detroit's favorite sisters. Thank God she is running for State Representative in District 9.

She is a go-getter and hard worker.

Spiritually in tune she is one of my spiritual leaders. I even call her Reverend.

The reason?

Shanelle has so much divine energy that people like William Watkins (who is running against her) is a threat. While Shanelle demonstrates her class and professionalism in the race in District 9 Watkins is playing dirty by trying to pull up dirt on Shanelle Jackson.

A typical far left wing liberal like Watkins do not deserve to be in the race. Remember, he was fired from his position as Chief of Staff from Rep. Tupac Hunter's office for being lazy on the job. He is also a hothead who catres to the unions and left-wing liberals who is hell bent on big government.

Watkins might as well run as a communist.

The reason why Shanelle is running in this race is because God has shared with her that this is her time. Her hour and her minute.

She is running neck in neck with Anthony Bradford, another contender in the State House race in District 9. Tia Davis, who had a successful run in her bid for Detroit City Council, is also a x-factor in this race. The problem with Tia is she is not fluent in legislative experiences. That is where she will cut her own foot.

Shanelle Jackson heals her constituents with words of wisdom. People have warmed up to her campaign because people can see that she is ready for service. Jackson is dedicated to serving God, family and her community (in this order) and she is gaining monumental support for her bid for state representative.

Issues like lowering property taxes, lowering home and auto insurances, educational reform and improving the quality of life are all on Shanelle's to-do list for victory.

I have worked with Shanelle for quite sometime and she is a true woman of God and integrity. Never mind the false rumors that you hear about her carpetbagging because that is Satan trying to hinder her success. People should get to know Shanelle and her family because all of them are moving in divine order.

August 8, 2006 vote for the next generation of leadership by voting for Shanelle Jackson.

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