Monday, July 10, 2006

Turn Belle Isle Over To Metro Parks by Akindele Akinyemi

People are talking about a fee on Belle Isle.

We need to take this further. Belle Isle should be turned over to Metro Parks.

Here is the real reason why.

Take a look at ANYTHING ran by the Parks and Recreation Department in Detroit. Most city parks look like garbage. Belle Isle has the capability of becoming another Mackinac Island.

But the time for having a free island has passed. We need new strategies in place to preserve and build up Belle Isle.

First, turn the park over to Metro Parks. Have you seen Lower Huron or Kensington Metro Parks? It has to be one of the most cleanest parks in Michigan. Quiet, no loud music and families can actually enjoy themselves in peace.

I support a not just a fee to get on Belle Isle but actually to regionalize Belle Isle though Metro Parks.

I recently heard Kimberly Hill, who is going to win the state Representative race in District 4 because God has ordained her to glory, said at a candidate forum that we should have our OWN public policy conference here in Detroit. I concur.

But if we are going to create our own paradise then we need to begin to regionalize our park system and Belle Isle should be first on the list.

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