Saturday, July 08, 2006

Urban Myths in Detroit

If you are a young, black, American no doubt you daily hear the following:

"We need to be free."

"Blacks need to get together"

"It's racism"

"Islam is the black man's religion"

"Bush is the cause of all of this'"

"Support our black businesses"

Below is an attempt to explain why these statments are wrong.

"Support our black business"

Back in the days of racial segregation, we did support our black owned businesses, because we had no other choice but to.Todays black owned business,should be just that, black owned, but open to all, not just blacks. In order to do business in todays society, you must COMPETE with all business, not just a special few. I do support businesses in my community, and some are black, but these same businesses need to focus on all customers, not just black.

"I want to be free"

We are already free, no one is keeping us from moving where we want to, preparing to get employment where we want to, or even marrying who we want to. We are able to travel all over this country, and even go to other countries, when and where we wish. We are able to go into any store and buy what we wish.We are NOT a slave's, We are free!

"Blacks need to get together Myth"

There is NO group anywhere where people ALL think alike, and blacks are no exception. We are NOT a monolithic group, and anyone thinks that way is sadly mistaken. Many of us have isolated ourselves from certain segments of the black population simply because they don't want to be around them!

"Islam is the black man's religion"

What a bunch of nonsense!Most people that spout that, are attempting to distance themselves from christanity of which they think is an invention of the white race. First of all, Islam came years later after Christanity, and while some blacks seem to adopt Islam, nothing is ever mentioned about black slavery and muslims. It was the muslims that started African/black slavery, by going into East Africa, and capturing blacks to make slaves out of them. One would suppose that any person would know this, but it appears as though we are not aware of this fact. We would much rather deny our true self and accept arabic names, parade around with gowns on, deeming ourselves of some importance. None of this negates the fact that Islam is DIRECTLY connected with slavery.

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