Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What Is The Real Reason Why Blacks Support Granholm by Akindele Akinyemi


I often ask myself this question. If Gov. Granholm is not worried about the election why is she going around lying about her accomplishments openly? She did this at her "kickoff" celebration last Friday. This woman compared DeVos to Bush. However, the Michigan Democrats was pissed at Nataki Harbin for comparing Granholm to Hitler (which was accurate and straight to the point).

The DeVos camp recently compiled a 191 page document on what Granholm and the Michigan Democrats are saying about DeVos. You can find it here:

You have to remember why African Americans are supporting Granholm. They either belong to the unions, belong to special interests groups, vote Democrat because of what they see on TV, hate Bush (for whaetver reason), vote Democrat automatically because they are too lazy to research the policies of the Democratic Party or need a job in the Granholm camp.

That's it. Nothing else. Otherwise, why would ANY African American support Granholm?

Where are the young people supporting her? I hardly saw any young adults at her kickoff.

Let me be a little more specific.

Where are the young Black people supporting her? Only a few (that are working for her) are supporting her and those who are traditional Democrats because their parents vote Democrat.

Other than that, young African Americans love DeVos in our community. They like hearing his message on lowering taxes for small businesses, eliminating the SBT, educational chocies for parents and increasing the quality of life for residents in the State of Michigan. Young people everyhwere are coming out of the woodwork for DeVos.

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