Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What is Wrong With The Detroit News?

Has the Detroit News lost their mind?

Why in the world would they endorse Korey Hall for State Representative District 5 over Bert Johnson?

Is the NAACP playing partisan politics here by using their influence to give Hall BOTH the News and Free Press endorsements?

That what it sounds like to me. There is no way a conservative newspaper like the Detroit News should be giving Korey Hall, who is anti-educational choice, ANY endorsement. Here is a man that cries for the destruction of charter schools the same way the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, cries for the destruction if Israel.

The News states the following:

"Hall's background in economics and policy make him a good fit for the Legislature."

Is that the reason why we see Heaster Wheeler instead of Korey Hall in Lansing on pending legislation?

This race was already decided a few weeks ago in this district.

And then why would the Detroit News turn around and endorse Maureen Stapleton when Kimberly Hill is already bringing jobs to the district, educational integrity and neighborhood accountability for her consitutents already? I can tell that Stapleton will not work across the aisle if she was to be elected. Her views are far too liberal and would set the clock back 50 years.

I have said this before, endorsements are for show. The REAL endorsements are you the voter.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong is that they know Korey is the best choice and that their readership and the voters would not vote for a convicted felon who can't even tell the truth about his conviction when it's a matter of public record! What an idiot! The two of you make great companions!

Anonymous said...

If endorsements are for show, then why are you praising the Black Slate and complaining about Fannie Lou Hamer and the Detroit News? You talk out of both sides of your mouth, that's why! If the endorsing organization agrees with you, then they're the best thing since sliced bread; if they disagree, then they're full of shit. Maybe you're the one who needs to spend some time on the porcelain throne because you're so full of it, your intestines must be ready to burst!

akindele akinyemi said...

If Korey is the best choice for this seat then why is he so FAR behind Bert Johnson for his bid for state rep? Korey cannot even crack 1000 votes!!!!!

you said:

If endorsements are for show, then why are you praising the Black Slate and complaining about Fannie Lou Hamer and the Detroit News?

Praising the Black Slate? Where do you read anywhere I'm praising the Black Slate?

Anonymous said...

You praise them in your July 24 blog!

akindele akinyemi said...

there is no praising...i placed the slate on the blog for people who vote democratic blindly.