Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blacks Must Stop Making Excuses For Their Actions by Akindele Akinyemi

Black people in the hood must stop making excuses for our actions. It is getting out of hand.

I have heard the past few days of why Black people are voting for Granholm and not DeVos. It sounds outright stupid.

One person told me he was voting for Granholm because she has brought jobs. Yes, she has brought jobs tothe hood, McDonalds and Burger King and while you are only worth $5.75 this is how far you will go because you are afraid to go to school and get a degree to better yourself.

Another person told me that they did not want DeVos in office because he would run the state in the ground. What an excuse. The state is already ran in the ground under this administration.

One feamle said Granholm would continue welfare. I told her to get off welfare and get a job. If you don't what example are you setting for your children?

One brother told me that Granholm supports Affirmative Action. I told him what has Affirmative Action done for him academically. Did Affirmative Action help you get good grades in college or did you study and work hard for those grades?

He could not answer the question. He was stuck.

Black people make excuses for Granholm because they do not know any better. Especially Black men who uses boogey-man tactics to scare people politically. They read the Michigan Citizen and think they are consultants on Black politics.

What a damn waste. Here is what they are saying in the streets:

"Oh the Republicans are going to take over the water." Good. Perhaps by damn water bill will go down finally.

"Oh, the Republicans are going to put more charter schools in our community." Excellent. Perhaps we can free our children from the exchange of gunfire in Detroit Public Schools.

"Oh Dick DeVos is for big business." Good. If we stop giving drug pushers and drug dealers an excuse for why they sell drugs perhaps we can round them up and teach them how to run a legit business in the community. The problem is the minute they change their life around someone is going to smoke them because of something in the past.

"We can't trust Dick DeVos because he has no plan for jobs." Get up off your ass and read the Turn Around Plan on his website where he is detaling his job plan for Michigan.

Detroit is in the condition it's in because of Black people not White people. We control this city not White people. So why are our schools messed up? Why do our parks look like hell? I rode through Hines Park recently and I thought it was a Metro Park. Belle Isle can do better if the City of Detroit did not control it.

Keller-Williams, Century 21, ReMax signs are everywhere in Detroit. People are leaving as if Moses has parted the Red Sea and getting all of his people out of here before the gangstas get to them.

Black people make excuses for not voting, for not sending our children to good schools, for not educating our children on morals and values, for allowing our children to hate other races of people, and living in the conditions that we are in. We choose to live this gangsta lifestyle on our own. White people have nothing to do with this. Black liberals use race as a wedge issue to keep up begging Whites for the crumbs that fall from the table. This is a choice that we have made consciously. We choose to live in poverty and we choose to live a lifestyle that promotes AIDS and STDs. We promote our young ladies to open their legs up to have babies out of wedlock. White people do not make us do these things in the hood, we do it on our own.

As long as we continue to support ridiculous politicians and making excuses for our actions we will remain slaves forever.

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