Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Democrat Party: The Party of the Rich

Democrats constantly accuse the Republican Party as being the party of “wealth and privilege,” while selling themselves as the party of the “common man.”

Yet the facts paint an entirely different picture.

According to labor statistics, in “blue” states with a majority of Democrats, the average income is $100,000. While in “red” states with a majority of Republicans, the average income is $30,000.

The biggest supporter of the Democrat Party, George Soros, is a billionaire. The other major supporters are Hollywood elites.

Among the wealthiest presidents to occupy the White House are:

John F. Kennedy (D): $20 million ($124 million today)
The Kennedy Trust: $400 million ($2.6 billion today)
Lyndon Johnson (D): $14 million ($82 million today)
Herbert Hoover (R): $8 million ($88 million today)
Franklin Roosevelt (D): $1 million ($11 million today)

In the 2004 presidential election, the order of wealth, starting with the wealthiest, was as follows:

1) John Kerry (D): Billionaire ($1.2 -$ 3.3 billion!) - includes Heinz Ketchup fortune
2) John Edwards (D): Millionaire ($70 million)
3) Dick Cheney (R): Millionaire ($50 million)
4) George W. Bush (R): Millionaire ($15 million)

When you hear Democrats complain about “Republican” wealth, note that John Edwards’ wealth alone exceeds the wealth of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney COMBINED.

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