Monday, August 21, 2006

DeVos Pick A Friend of Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

The liberal press is at it again as usual. I happened to pick up a copy of the Michigan Citizen Newspaper and what is on the front cover of this week's paper?

"DeVos pick no friend of Detroit"

Was DeVos suppose to pick Mary Waters as his running mate to make people in Detroit happy? Give me a break.

Excerpts from the following article:

As chair of the natural resources and environment committee, she worked hard against restrictions on Canadian waste, said Paul Gieleghem, Macomb county commissioner and former State Rep.

Gieleghem said Johnson, like DeVos, is a big supporter of charter schools and vouchers at the expense of public education.

She voted “yes” on the passage of a Republican budget plan HB 4371 that cut more than $529 million from public education over a three period from 2001-2003. She voted “no” on Senate Bill 1107 in 2002 that would have provided up to $45 million for early childhood education. “She stands for the unchecked expansion of charter schools and taking away money from public schools, Gieleghem said in a phone interview.

I did not know being a supporter of charter schools and vouchers were a crime in Michigan. I have gone on record on this blog that we should push for regionalized school boards. Is that a crime also? I have also advocated for educational entrepreneurship for educators who have their M.A, M.Ed, Ph.D or Ed.D.

The last quote I have a problem with:

"She stands for the unchecked expansion of charter schools and taking away money from public schools.”

I thought Commissioner Gieleghem used to be a State Representative. This is the same one that fought trash coming into Michigan. Ok, this is where we create a divide over 6th grade education and college education.

First, charter schools are public schools so how was Ruth Johnson taking away money from public schools?

Second, who wouldn't cut money from traditional public schools in this day and age? I would increase it if our children are learning something and test scores reflect what they are learning. Instead, we are conducting wasteful spending in our school systems.

The Michigan Citizen also reported the following:

She also voted against an amendment to House Bill 4049 to increase the minimum wage in Michigan from $5.15 to $5.65.

How are Black owned businesses in this community who are struggling supposed to pay for their employees if we impose an increase in pay? The businesses may have to shut down.

Of course, we do not look at that at all.

Interesting, the liberals (Black or White) are going to run this affirmative action thing in the ground against Ruth Johnson. However, they gave Lt. Governor John Cherry a pass when he voted to take over the Detroit Public Schools in 1999.

The article I read sounds like pumping fear and paranoia in the Black community. The liberal press is trying to place a spin on DeVos and Johnson in a negative light. However, intelligent, educated Black people do not care one way or another if Ruth Johnson is "anti-Detroit" because most of us do not even live in Detroit to begin with. They have either moved on the other side of 8 Mile Rd,Telegraph or Michigan Ave. Many Black families have even taken the three-way appraoch to leaving Michigan all together: I-94 WEST, I-75 South or I-69 South.

So we can either stay trapped in racial politics and keep our region polarized or begin to heal each other.

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