Monday, August 21, 2006

DFT's Priorities In The Wrong Place by Akindele Akinyemi

I see the Detroit Federation of Teachers are preparing to strike again. This time it's over the following:

The DFT is asking for a 15.6% raise for top-pay-step teachers with master's degrees, an increase that could cost the district about $26 million. The pay range now is about $36,000 for a beginning teacher to a top salary of about $70,000. The union's membership includes about 7,000 teachers plus 2,500 others, including counselors and social workers.

Superintendent William F. Coleman III has said teacher salaries and benefits now account for $832 million of the school district's $1.4-billion budget, or 59%.

-Source: Detroit Free Press 08/21/2006

I have said before that I feel our teachers who put up with foolishness from insane children should be rewarded. But the type of reward is not just giving you money but actually reaching out to the students, educating them and pushing them through.

In other words, educators should care for their students. In many cases, they do in DPS.

I have a bigger question. If Janna Garrison, who is the president of DFT, wanted to strike how come she has not directed her teachers to strike against those parents who will not get off their lazy asses and support the children and teachers? How come DFT will not strike against those parents who will support the LSCO meetings, come to parent teacher conferences and get involved in their children's education?

Instead of always striking for more pay how about striking for more responsibility and less politics?

How about not showing up to work to remind parents that teachers are not a baby sitting service?

How about not showing up to work to remind the dopeman that drugs are not allowed in our community?

How about striking to remind Black men in the homes that if you cannot prepare your son or boys in YOUR home to pull their pants up before they enter a classroom?

How about striking to remind our Black women to come into the classroom with some country class? Stop showing your body parts, smoking blunts and cussing like a sailor.

How about striking to get more decent up-to-date materials into the classroom?

How about striking to fix the schools period? Plaster falling on children's heads, people exposed to abestos and drinking well water from the water fountains are detrimental to the learning process.

To my brothers and sisters in DFT there are more to strike about than money. Get it together.

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