Monday, August 14, 2006

Enter Ramon J. Patrick for County Executive by Akindele Akinyemi

If you want me to continue to live in Wayne County then we need to get rid of Robert Ficano.

Ficano, who is the current Wayne County Executive, has created a lack of community investments, an increase of excessive crime, provided a healthy dose of inadequate health benefits for county workers, and 5,000 county workers with no contracts.

Sound like we need a change in a hurry.

Enter Ramon J. Patrick.

Mr. Patrick is running for Wayne County Executive. He is a fresher choice than Ficano.

If you do not know his story it goes a little somthing like this......

Ramon J. Patrick has proven at an early age that leaders are born, not made. At the early age of 21, our candidate envisioned and created a multi-million dollar business. In less than three years, he opened and managed multiple retail locations, hired and trained hundreds of employees and successfully managed a multi-million dollar budget. Mr. Patrick's business acumen has afforded him the opportunity of working with a diverse clientele as well as employees. He has years of customer service experience.

Mr. Patrick is committed to redirecting as much of the county's 2.2 billion-dollar budget back into the communities. Mr. Patrick has a passion for rebuilding and reclaiming our communities. This will give the citizens, churches, and local community groups of Wayne County the opportunity to experience the American Dream and assist in the development of viable communities.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Patrick at several events in the city. While many people do not take him seriously we will see how many people change their tune when he kicks Ficano's ass.

You have to remember that voters will be able to split their ticket in November so we should vote for the candidate that will help us create a better Wayne County.

That person is Ramon Patrick.

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