Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Exodus of Young People From Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

I know there are some people out here that are going to vote for Granholm in November. Keep this in mind though.

Black people are hauling ass out of Detroit and Michigan like 40 going north. Young Black people.

For example:

  • My classmate is moving to North Carolina to teach 3rd grade at a charter school. They threw $11,000 total at her ($4000 to move, $3500 signing bonus and another $3500 when she receive her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.)

  • Another sister I know is moving to Winston-Salem North Carolina. She is will be teaching 5th grade. They threw $9,000 at her. She is moving today.

  • My soon to be colleague at work is moving this weekend to teach 3rd grade science in Raleigh, NC. They threw $10,000 to move, signing bonus, etc.

  • Another young brother who I used to work with moved to Charlotte, NC to become a principal at a elementary school. They threw $10,000 at him. He moved his family two months ago.

  • I have a female friend who recently took a position the DC area making $75,000 as a assistant principal. She left Michigan three weeks ago.

  • I spoke to a couple recently on why they are moving to Alexandria, VA. They said the quality of life is better.

  • One lady I know went to DC two weeks ago and came back and put her house for sale in Rosedale Park when she returned from Detroit. The reason? Better opportunities.

  • One married couple I know are moving to Columbus, Ohio. The reason? Less crime.

  • One brother who recently graduated from the University of Michigan in the School of Education is moving to Charlotte, NC. The reason? He wants to start a family in a safe, secure environment.

  • Another young man I spoke with in school recently stated he, too, was also moving to Charlotte, NC because of friendly business opportunites for him and his wife.

  • Another young man I spoke with said there are too many taxes and red tape that is killing his business. He is moving to Raleigh, NC at the end of August.

  • Another friend of mine is moving to Savannah, GA. He and his wife are having their house built from the ground up. The reason? Better quality of life.

  • Two sisters who I met recently at the mall stated they were leaving to move to Nashville, TN. The reason? Lower taxes, insurance and better quality of schools.

  • One friend of mine is moving to Indianapolis. The reason? Better schools for his children.

Michigan had the second-highest percentage of people moving out of its borders in 2005, according to an annual survey conducted by United Van Lines. There have been numerous reports about vans not returning to their original location in Michigan.

“Michigan citizens are voting with their feet,” said Michael LaFAIVE, the Center’s director of fiscal policy. “These votes are the ones that really count, even if the state continues to churn out press releases claiming Michigan is a great business location.”

What does Michigan has to offer teachers and educational leaders? Nothing.

I often hear of Michigan teachers are paid very well. If this is the case then why so many young adults are moving out of state? How come it is very hard for teachers to settle down here in Michigan? How come we have teachers working two jobs if the pay is so great? And if we are actually trying to recruit young educational leaders then why are these old people in the way?

This is all fabricated by the Granholm Administration to lie, deceive and keep you trapped here in the snake pit of hell.

I do not know one young person who wants to live in Detroit who is professional. There are some who want to move back to the city to be part of something they call a "renaissance." There is no renaissance. This was all made up to keep you thinking that Detroit is coming back. Therefore, I often ask people who want to move back to the pitts of hell why are you coming back when you left paradise.

As long as racism, paranoia from Blacks and Whites and no regional cooperation there will be no comeback.


Anonymous said...

I have had my share of Detroit I have tried to hold on long enough but i goota go just put my house on the market because the BS i piling up. quick story i just got a $71 water bill after i paid a $140 water bill and i was so angered that i called the water companyand they told me they were now going to monthly bills. So my for sale sign goes up tomorrow im not moving out of the state yet but i am moving to redford. Why would i stay???I can't afford to continously throw my money away to high ass taxes,insurance,water,gas,etc...Im gone ima leave the city to the rats and roaches

akindele akinyemi said...

people are hauling ass right out of detroit period. the quality of life has gone straight to hell.