Friday, August 18, 2006

The Facts About Gov. Granholm by Akindele Akinyemi

Gov. Granholm is very desperate at this stage. Her camp as well as the Michigan Democrats have no answer to the following. The boogeyman has settled in the Black community and he is using fear tactics with a group of people that are 47% functionally illerate with a sixth grade education.

More Granholm lies from her first commerical.

Granholm: On the day of the terrorist attacks, 9-11, when some gas stations tried to gouge their customers, I stopped them.

Since Jennifer Granholm was elected governor in 2002, the price of gas has increased by $1.50 per gallon. *Michigan Tourism Business, Vol. 2, Issue 1; 2003

I took them to court, and I made them to pay their customers back.

Apparently the Governor is running on her record as Attorney General. This action took place nearly five years ago, and was followed up by four years of no results after she was elected to office.

As Governor I’ve sent new inspectors across the state to end price gouging.

Actually, the Governor fought hiring new gas inspectors for nearly 11 months. She finally reversed her position after pressure from Republican State Senator Cameron Brown.

And has she done anything to actually lower gas prices? No, gas prices are higher than ever. Dick DeVos, on the other hand, has a plan to reduce gas prices for Michigan’s hard working citizens by capping the sales tax on gas.

While others would protect oil companies, I’ve told the President to cap their outrageous profits.

Seventeen separate oil and energy companies have made contributions to the Governor’s campaign fund, totaling over $158,000 – and that’s not counting her secret slush fund. These companies include Marathon Oil Company, Michigan Petroleum, Rupp Oil, Nordstrom Oil and Atlas Oil.

Dick DeVos is not accepting PAC money for his gubernatorial campaign. As governor, he will not be held captive to special interest dollars, which have taken from the current administration’s ability to lead effectively.

Despite her political posturing, Governor Granholm invests state money in oil companies: $832 million’s worth in oil company giant Exxon-Mobil alone. *Detroit News, 4/26/06

I’ll stand up, and I’ll fight back against anyone who threatens your paycheck. And I’ll put you first.

The biggest threat to paychecks of the hard working people of Michigan is job loss: Michigan has lost over 70,000 jobs under Governor Granholm. *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

A Detroit News Editorial said, “[Governor Granholm’s] rants [on big oil companies] are misguided, and more about grandstanding than governing.” (Detroit News Editorial; 11/14/05)

Instead of leading on the issue of high gas prices, Governor Granholm created an ineffective online petition with taxpayer dollars that was later used to solicit support for her reelection campaign.

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