Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fallen But Not Out by Akindele Akinyemi

Alison Vaughn and Kimberly Hill lost their bids for State Senate and State Representative respectively. This is not the end of either ladies in the political spectrum.

Both are new to One Detroit and both of them mean business.

Kimberly came in 4th place behind some heavy hitter (Coleman Young Jr, Maureen Stapleton and Frazier Kimpson). To me, that's pretty good for someone who has never ran before.

This is Deja Vu.

Remember in 2004, Shanelle Jackson came in 4th place behind Gabe Leland, Jim Edmoundson and Barbra Long in District 10. Now, she has come in first place in District 9.

So I am not worried about Kimberly Hill at all. She will bounce back.

Alison Vaughn came in a distant second behind Irma Clark-Coleman. This was also good on her first try.

There were so many critics in this political arena asking me why would I support these sisters? The answer is simple.

I do not view candidates from a win-lose siutation like most people. I am a political coach. I explain to the candidates that you might not make it the first time but on the second try you will slide right on in. I am showing people the ropes.

In other words, it's a learning process. Anyone who do not help their candidates understand the game is a looser in my book.

Both queens did well and they will be reloaded the next time they decide to run again.

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