Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Festival To Celebrate by Akindele Akinyemi

I just left the African World Festival this evening. Actually, I have been down there the past two nights.

I actually enjoy the artifacts, our brothers and sisters from the other side of the Atlantic, and the music.

However, the toll of Black people moving out of Detroit has shown its true colors. There were not as many people at the festival like it has been in the past.

What was more interesting was the fact that I walked around the festival with a very interesting shirt.

The shirt said, "I AM A BLACK REPUBLICAN" and on the back of the shirt it said "ASK ME WHY."

This shirt caught allies and foes alike by storm.

While some of our brothers and sisters just looked and stared at my shirt wondering how can a Black man walk around with this shirt many stopped me and ask questions.

Some of the Black Nationalists I knew could not even get upset because they knew what time it was. They know I am a Republican who is conscious of self.

One brother asked me how come I am a Black Republican. My response was Black Empowerment and Self-Determination. He wanted a shirt.

Another sister asked me about the shirt. I told her I was wearing the shirt to demonstrate that Black people want to participate in the free market society. She then told me she was voting for DeVos.

Another sister asked me about the shirt. I asked her what has Granholm done for Detroit. She said nothing and she said she will vote for DeVos in November.

One brother asked me why should I support the Republicans. I told him the Democrats kept us as slaves. He then wanted to direct me to some books about the history of the Republican Party. I did just that.

A Black couple said what will it take for Detroit to turn around. I told them to vote for DeVos. They said OK.

One sister asked me if she could get a shirt because she felt the Democrats have failed Detroit. I told her I would get back with her. When I asked about Granholm she told me she would vote for Tweetie Bird or Sylvester before she voted for Granholm.

One brother even wanted me to find out if I could order more shirts for his family.

What I am realizing is that there are some Black people in this city that want DeVos elected and support conservative values. The problem is with publications like the Michigan Citizen Newspaper and other liberal news they keep Black people in the dark about the truth about the Republican Party.

Remember, we are dealing with a population that only possess a 6th grade education on average, read on a 4th grade level on average, 47% functionally illerate, 10% only have a bachelors degree and less than 4% have a graduate degree. Michigan Democrats know this and this is why Granholm can get away with insane statements like "the Democrats have fought the fight on civil rights with minorities." She know Black people do not read let alone research the issues so she can get away with murder.

So it did not surprise me to hear comments like, "you must like Bush", "are you rich", and even this one, "the Democrats wok harder than the Republicans." I can understand why a city like Detroit, which is controlled by Black Democrats, cannot move into the 21st century.

People are hauling ass out of Detroit. The African World Festival was a clear indication of that. Unless we can bring political balance to the equation there will be no Detroit left.

Actually, there is no Detroit left period. Just your usual poverty pimps and hood rat hustlers.


Saul Anuzis said...

It's people like you that are going to make a difference. Someone has to be willing to stand up and ask the right questions...or challenge others to do the same.

Your not only wearing it on your sleeve, but on your back! Good for you.

Saul Anuzis
Michigan Republican Party

akindele akinyemi said...

Thanks Saul. I will see you Friday in Novi.

Steve Adams said...

Mr. Akinyemi,
Thank you for your courage to express and expose the truth in the Detroit area. I hope I live to see the day that Detroit becomes a vibrant, productive city. Being only 41 years old, I have no recollection of it ever being that. Keep fighting the good fight.
Steve Adams
Fenton, Michigan

Chris Ferow said...

I am pretty fired up after reading your posts, keep it up. This country needs more men and women like you, who will stand up and take charge!

I look forward to reading more from you in the future!

Bruce H said...

Bill Cosby has it figured out and now you have too. There is a promise land and it is all about you. But you have to see it, not listen to the oppression talk. That talk is slavery.