Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Freaky Bill Stomps for Granholm and Stabenow by Akindele Akinyemi

I will give Gov. Granholm credit. She brings in Former President Bill Clinton to stomp for both her and Sen. Debbie Stabenow in Taylor yesterday.

Of ocurse, this is such an desperate attempt to swing voters because Freaky Bill is in town feeling on the girl's asses.

However, there is a correlation between the three. All three believe in keeping Black children enslaved with failing schools in our community. All three believe in so-called gay and lesbian rights. In fact, Clinton is so twisted that he even screwed his former intern, Monica Lweinsky, with a cigar. Not to mention how many times this man has fooled around with other women behind his wife's back. Now is wife is screwing around with other women behind Bill's back.

Unless Bill is watching Hillary do her thing.

Anyway, all three of them raised taxes, all three of them ran large urban centers in the ground and all three of them don't give a damn about Black people in general and continue to take the Democratic vote for granted.

Black people like Bill Clinton because Bill has no morals like people in the hood. Period.

So, does that mean Granholm and Stabenow does not have any morals either? If you look at Stabenow's and Granholm's record alone you can see they are anti-Black and anti-morality.

Prove me wrong.

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