Friday, August 18, 2006

Granholm Lies, Deception and Blame by Akindele Akinyemi

The lies that Governor Granholm is feeding her own Democratic team is insane. She blames President Bush for the downfall of Michigan.

My question to her team and other Michigan Democrats is why are they being led to think that Bush is the problem in Michigan?

However, no one has mentioned that Bush is not running for anything, she is. Therefore, when unemployment is at 7% in Michigan that is NOT President Bush's fault but Gov. Granholm's responsibility to change the STATE's economy around.

Here are some more lies from the Michigan Democratic Party's "Fiscal Hawk" commerical that is currently running:

Announcer (VO): When Jennifer Granholm inherited a government in crisis, she went to work.

Be careful not to confuse motion with progress. Governor Granholm has lost over 93,000 manufacturing jobs since she took office. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2003-2006)

Michigan is the only state to lose jobs in each of the past three years. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2003-2006)

Meanwhile, Governor Granholm failed to appoint a jobs director for her first 9 months in office. (MIRS, 9/18/03)

Announcer (VO): She eliminated nearly $4 billion dollars in red ink

Governor Granholm cites her own fiscal budget office in this claim. No credible source can verify the $4 billion deficit.

However, we can verify the following:

Governor Granholm’s first proposed budget in FY 2003-04: $37,889,439,900.

Governor Granholm’s most recent proposed budget in FY 2006-07: $41,882,523,900.

$41.9 Billion (06-07) - $37.9 Billion = $4 BILLION BUDGET INCREASE!(Michigan House Fiscal Agency)

Announcer (VO): Balanced the budget, cut waste, fraud and abuse

In the past two years alone, the Michigan Auditor General has reported over $140 million in wasteful spending, fraud, and abuse.

In 2006 alone, over $45 million in waste was reported in the Department of Management and Budget.

In March of 2006, Medicaid made $55 million in overpayments.(Office of the Auditor General; March, 2006)

Announcer (VO): Abolished 71 obsolete Boards, Commissions, and Task Forces

The Governor has established 44 boards, commissions and task forces since she took office, and 13 since 2005, when she ordered the cut of a select few.

Many of the “obsolete boards” she cut in 2005 were created under her own previous executive orders.(Office of the Governor; Executive Orders and Directives, 2003-2006)

Announcer (VO): and got rid of unnecessary state airplanes and cars.

As Steve Wilson of WXYZ Reported in December of 2005, the Governor uses the state airplane fleet at taxpayers’ expense for non-official business, including:

Trips to Mackinac Island for her and her husband.
Trips to the Final Four.
Trips to Detroit for a Detroit Pistons Parade.
A sleepover on Mackinac Island for her daughter and her daughter’s friends(WXYZ; 12/1/05).

Announcer (VO): You know where she stands

We know exactly where she stands: presiding over a single-state recession.

While the rest of the United States has added 5 million jobs, Michigan has lost over 80,000 under Granholm’s watch.

Michigan currently stands with the 4th highest unemployment rate in the United States. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

In 2005, Michigan ranked 48th in the nation for personal income growth (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 3/28/06).

Announcer (VO): She’s making the hard choices, the tough decisions that protect education and health care

Since Governor Granholm took office, funding for higher education has been cut by $300 million. (Detroit News, 6/26/05)

Tuition has increased 40% since Governor Granholm took office. Last year, Michigan students and families experienced the third largest tuition and fee increase (12%) in the nation. (Trends in College Pricing 2005" released Nov. 18, 2005, College Board, non-profit association of 4,500 schools, colleges and universities)

For the fourth consecutive year, the governor pushed in her proposed budget to eliminate a tuition assistance program that benefits some 43,000 underprivileged students wishing to attend private colleges. (Detroit Free Press, 2/13/06)

In the last 3 years, MEAP math and science scores have dropped. (Michigan Department of Education Press Release, 7/1/05)

Michigan high school graduation rates have gone down. (The Taxpayers Network 50 State Comparisons, 2002, 2003, 2005 editions)

Only 32 percent of Michigan high school students graduate with college-ready transcripts. (Austin et al, Background Briefing for Higher Education and Economic Growth Commission, 2004)

If Michigan’s unemployment rate matched the nations, 110,000 more families would be provided with the health care they need. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2006 & the Michigan Department of Community Health Report on the Uninsured; July, 2006)

Announcer (VO): With no new general taxes.

Governor Granholm has supported or proposed $2.65 billion in tax and fee increases since her inauguration. (Data complied from 2003-2006 Executive Budgets, Legislation, and Senate Fiscal Analysis)

Governor Granholm still doesn’t support the repeal of the job-killing Single Business Tax. (Associated Press; 8/8/06)

While the Granholm camp and Michigan Democrats are busy blaming Bush for the downfall of Michigan and slinging mud at Michigan Republicans the facts remain the same.

Granholm cannot produce for taxpaying citizens in Michigan. No jobs, no education equals poverty.

The End.

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