Friday, August 18, 2006

Granholm Supporters Need A Reality Check by Akindele Akinyemi

Look what I found from Granholm for Governor's website. Some more people being brainwashed by the Granholm camp to lie on her behalf.

Let's start with this one:

Thanks to consistent investment in Michigan's educational system, we have one of the best public college and university systems in the country. Imagine what we could do for the future of Michigan if we gave every Michigan student an opportunity to take advantage of those colleges and universities - not just the one who test well in high school.

Now, the Governor is proposing just that with her
New Merit scholarship program. It will provide $4,000 to every student that wants to go continue their education in Michigan. Period. We have the opportunity to be a pioneer state in providing affordable, quality education to those who, otherwise, would never have the chance. It's an investment in Michigan's future that we can't afford not to make.

- John VanDeventer

John, how much did the Granholm camp pay you to say this? Yes, people are going to school here in the state but whole families, John, are hauling ass right out of Michigan because when you graduate you cannot find a job anywhere.

Here's another paid off client of the Governor's:

Governor Granholm entered office in 2002 following over a decade of irresponsible Republican leadership. Now the entire state is now paying the price for their failed stewardship, and the Governor is leading our recovery. She was left with $4 billion in left behind deficits. And at the same time she was successfully balancing budget after budget, she has created from whole cloth a jobs plan to catch Michigan's economy up to the 21st century. She is fighting back against the failed Engler/DeVos/Bush policies that got us into the mess, and her jobs plan is starting to work, but it looks like Republicans are up to the same old stunts.

-Clint Wallace

Boy everyone wants to point the finger at Engler. Unemployment was at 3% under Engler's leadership and that had nothing to do with Clinton, like most Democrats say. Even I was working with benefits and so ws my co-workers. No one was moving out of state or hauling ass. We did not see too many Keller-Williams signs everywhere in Grandmont, Rosedale Park or the University District under Engler.

Today, Clint, we are moving whole families out of Michigan. Whole meaning mom, dad, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt, in-laws, etc. Not because of irresponsibility but because we have a Governor that cannot produce jobs. Teachers are leaving to find opportunities elsewhere Clint not because of Bush but because we have a Governor that has run out of gas.

Here's a good one:

Check out the new Truth Squad page. Right now it features a detailed, factual response to DeVos's latest ad which uses Honda's decision to invest in Indiana to attack the Governor.

The ad is a lie. Governor Granholm met with Honda and made an effort to get them to come to Michigan. The DeVos campaign has gone negative and is fabricating a story for this attack. Everyone knows that the American automotive industry is facing enormous challenges, and that Michigan, as the center of that industry, is disproportionately and adversely impacted by those challenges. The real problem is that American workers continue to compete on an uneven playing field because of the unfair trade policies that Dick DeVos and George Bush lobbied for and support.

Now I am beginning to understand why the Michigan Democrats have been running this excuse in the ground. They are pointing to the automotive industry and placing the blame on Bush.

Here a great question...

What does that have to do with me? I am in the field of education not the automotive industry. What about people in real estate? Small businesses that are being forced to close their doors because the Governor decided to sign off to raise minimum wage in Michigan. Not to mention that these businesses are being taxed to death.

What about young people who cannot find jobs? Shutting the doors on educational choice that promotes educational entrepreneurship that will help build jobs. Has the Governor lost her mind?

What's so cool about cool cities when we cannot even work? It's cool to bring home an income, Gov. Granholm, so we can enjoy what life has to offer. Who wants to live paycheck to paycheck? Familes would like to eat on any given day. Families can't even walk in their own neighborhoods in peace without getting jacked for your stuff let alone your car.

The FACT remains HONDA picked Indiana to build a plant not Michigan. Is that Bush's fault?

Hell no.


This next one is from her husband Dan Mulhern:

Jennifer also addressed the Baptist Pastors Council in Detroit. She got a great question there, which I'll paraphrase in this way: People say that you have been tied up by a Republican legislature, and your opponent says he won't have that problem, because he has relationships with them. What do you say about that? Jennifer pointed out that she has accomplished quite a bit despite tremendous resistance: the $2 billion jobs fund, the jobs today package, last weeks announcement of funding for local roads projects, a rigorous high school curriculum, the most significant targeted tax cuts for manufacturers in 30 years. But, as she pointed out, she has also had to play defense. She has vetoed over 100 bills - often highly divisive ones to allow transportation funding everywhere but Detroit, to cut higher education funding to Wayne State and Northern Michigan (guess whose districts those are in), and to restore 40,000 foster grandparents to Medicaid after Governor Engler wiped them off. The response was powerful; it's great to see so many people saying that she's really putting people first.

Dan, I know you are the so-called First Gentleman of Michigan and you will defend your wife and you should but I have a question.

Who on the Governor's team swindled the Council of Baptist Pastors to give her an endorsement on the spot? Was it you since you are bringing this up? And how much did the Governor pay them because you know poor Black people do not work for free in this arena. If you say God inspired these pastors then you are lying because no one is that stupid enough to endorse your wife.

I highlighted the part about the high school requirements. 4 years of math and 4 years of science but 1/2 semester for civics and 1/2 semester for economics? Yet, the Michigan Democrats will swindle people to vote for your wife (civics) while we cannot find jobs (economics).

Thanks Dan but no cigar buddy.

The fact of the matter is it's time for a change. We are asking those in the Granholm camp to join in the Team for Change. Even if you do not want to be a Republican we are asking those in her camp to support Democrats for DeVos.


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