Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Granholm Win is An Educators Loss by Akindele Akinyemi

This race for governor is getting real tight. These are exciting times for Michigan.

I'm excited that DeVos is hanging with Granholm. However, what's up with the EPIC/MRA polls?

I'm watching Channel 7 right now and they are reporting that Granholm is leading DeVos 49%-42%. The liberal spin machine is in effect.

I don't like EPIC polls because they have more of a Democratic lean to them. Rasmussen Poll, on the other end, have Granholm leading DeVos 47%-46%. This is more realistic.

I know the Democrats are going to use the EPIC poll numbers to fuel their lies that Granholm will win it all their Lies and Deceit party this weekend at Cobo Hall.

Let me remind you who are reading this message that educators all across the state are having a hard time finding a job. If you have a masters degree then finding a job to teach at a community college is damn near impossible in Michigan. Meanwhile, teaching jobs are available everywhere else in the country.

For example, I have faxed and e-mailed over 95 employers all over the state for educational administration jobs, teaching in higher education as well as in K-12 classroom and cannot find a damn job. Soemthing is fundamentally wrong with this picture.

I am hearing the same from certified teachers, substitute teachers, people with Masters degrees and the job market is so out of control in higher education in Michigan that people with Ph.D's are seeking and gaining employment on the community college level leaving us with Masters degrees out of the picture.

Most are directing their anger at Granholm. I cannot understand how people would vote to re-elect this woman when we cannot find a job. People must love to live in povertyand not prosperity.

Let me also remind you that whole families are hauling ass right out of Michigan. I see U-Haul trucks in my neighborhood at least five times a week. These people are NOT moving in the community they are leaving the community.

I spoke with one guy after work this evening and he is taking his mother out of hospice right here in Detroit and moving her down to Nashville, TN with him so she can die in peace.

Another couple I spoke with said the cost of living is so high that they are leaving the city after Labor Day for good.

One person said that if Granholm is re-elected his family will be forced to move out of Michigan to live.

I even spoke to one of my classmates yesterday and she even stated that working in the Detroit Public Schools is a horrible experience and she wishes to move away for good. She does not feel comfortable raising her children in such an violent environment.

As a reminder Jennifer Granholm is blaming President Bush for the economic downfall of Michigan. Nothing can be further from the truth. Of course she is stirring up the emotions of the Black people who don't know any better. Remember, Granholm possesses a Harvard Law School degree and most Black people in this city are 47% functionally illerate and are on a sixth grade educational level. So, it is naturally for her to bait Black people by using race, fear, paranoia and false promises to a group of people who do not know any better.

Proof of this is the way Granholm wrote her Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow plan. It is written on a sixth grade level. Instead of talking to us like people with intelligence she wrote that plan so that a sixth grader could understand.

Another terse reminder of Granholm is how she took revenue sharing from Detroit. So why would Black folks vote for her again? Are we that enslaved to the Democratic party?

Do not be fooled, with Black Republicans changing the tide here in Detroit we will see DeVos win this election. Otherwise, we will see the largest percentage of Black Flight ever in Michigan.

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