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Granholm's Broken Promises

While the Michigan Democrats is showcasing their ridiculous cartoon on Dick DeVos and China let's see how many factual and documented promises Granholm has broken to her voters here in Michigan.

1. "I don't want to raise taxes and I won't." (Detroit Free Press, 10/16/06)

This broken promise speaks volumes. Governor Granholm has proposed, supported or signed over $2 billion in tax increases.

2. "Crack down on parole violators and probation violators who commit the most crimes." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 45, Sept. 2002)

Tragic neglect to details in the Department of Corrections led to the release of a parole violator who proceeded to murder three Michigan residents.

3. "Jennifer Granholm will fight for a lobbying ban that will prohibit former high ranking appointees from lobbying their own agency or body of government for one year." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 29, September 2002)

This ban never happened. In fact, Granholm's Chief of Staff immediately started lobbying after leaving her office in late 2005. He apparently thought it would be easier to keep promises as a lobbyist than as a part of the Granholm administration.

4. "Create at the cabinet level a Bureaucracy Buster who would eliminate bureaucracies that keep people from being served." (Cheyboygan Daily Tribune, 6/2/02)

This promise was not kept. No such Cabinet level Bureaucracy Buster was ever created. Nothing prevented her from creating this position, she just didn't do it.

5. "Jennifer Granholm will begin her attack on child abduction by assembling a statewide Child Abduction Task Force." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 49, Sept. 2002)

Governor Granholm has not established a Chile Abduction Task Force.

6. "A Granholm-Cherry Administration will offer Lifelong Learning Loans for Michiganians to learn new skills at a certified training provider." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 13, Sept 2002)

No such program was ever established by Governor Granholm.

7. "She will cut up to 5% of the General Fund Budget through reductions in administrative and overhead costs for an estimated savings of up to $450 million." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 26, Sept 2002)

This is not tough math. Since 2003, the General Fund budget has increased by 4.8%, or $422 million. It began at $8.83 billion, while the Governor's FY07 Executive Budget proposal recommends General Fund spending of $9.25 billion. A cut? Not a chance. (Office of the State Budget)

8. "We will provide access to quality, affordable health care for 550,000 people." (State of the State, 1/25/06)

There are still no details on how she would accomplish this. More importantly, there are no results. No legislation introduced, no waiver from the federal government, and no funding source. Making sure people have access to health care is extremely important. It's tremendously unfortunate that all Gov. Granholm offers is empty promises, false hope, and no results.

9. "Bridge the digital divide and provide high speed internet to all Michigan individuals and businesses." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 72, Sept 2002)

Sound too good to be true? It is. Michigan is not even close to having high speed internet in every corner of the our state. It's another broken promise.

10. "A Granholm-Cherry Administration will revise tax policies so that farmers and growers are not forced to break up and sell family farms." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 55, Sept. 2002)

No results to be found. In fact, her administration testified against lowering property taxes to preserve farmland. Even more so, she proposed reinstating the estate tax which could make it harder for farmers to pass their farm on to their children which would also preserve farmland. (HB 4257 or 2005; Lansing State Journal, 2/13/04)

11. Jennifer Granholm will direct Michigan state employee pension funds to join the Council of Institutional Investors." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 44, September 2002)

No result. No Michigan state employee pension funds are members of the Council of Institutional Investors.

12. "Establish a bipartisan commission to establish ethics laws. The resulting proposal will be submitted to the state legislature for an 'up or down' vote with no possibility of amendment." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 29, Sept 2002)

While dozens of task forces and commissions have been created under the current administration, this one must not have made the "important" list, as none was ever established. In fact, this idea never grew past the stage of a flashy press release.

13. "Pursue school consolidation." (State of the State, 2/08/05)

No results from Gov. Granholm.

14. "Support the development of I-94 high speed rail." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 79, Sept 2002)

No results from Gov. Granholm.

15. "A Granholm-Cherry administration will expand tuition savings plans." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 13, Sept 2002)

Convenient, considering tuition savings were expanded before Gov. Granholm took office.

16. "Jennifer Granholm will push the State Legislature to amend the Uniform Securities Act to make it a crime to buy or sell a security based on material non-public information." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 42, Sep 2002)

Well, this broken promise is pretty clear. The Uniform Securities Act hasn't been amended since 2001.

17. "A Granholm-Cherry administration will strengthen food safety and animal research as well as inspection programs." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 22, Sept 2002).

Governor Granholm has not strengthened inspections. Actually, food related inspections have decreased under Granholm. In the 2003-2005 budgets, the Governor cut General Fund spending for food safety inspections and the fruit and vegetable program. (Office of the State Budget)

18. "Establish a water transportation task force." (Blueprint for Michigan, 79, Sept. 2002)

No such task force was ever established by the Governor.

19. "A Granholm-Cherry Administration will reduce class sizes." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 4, Sept 2002)

Class sizes have increased from 17.9 in 2002 to 18.5 in 2005. It could not be any more clear. This is another broken promise. (Taxpayer Network Inc., 50 State Comparisons Editions 2002, 2005).

20. "Jennifer Granholm will be a staunch advocate for small business." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 19, Sept 2002)

This is a broken promise and here's why. Only 4% of small businesses say Michigan climate is supportive. The Governor vetoed a tax cut for small businesses. She vetoed a bill to create a small business czar. Both the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the Small Businesses Association of Michigan have endorsed Dick DeVos.

21. "As Governor, Jennifer Granholm will give victims of crime unpaid leave to testify." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 48, Sept 2002)

No action has been taken by the Governor.

22. "Jennifer Granholm will institute tougher penalties on state officials for public integrity violations." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 29, Sept 2002)

Nothing has been enacted. Granholm's proposal to increase the penalities from a slap on the wrist to a spank on the bottom never really had a chance.

23. "She would continue phasing out the state's single business tax and favors replacing it with a new corporate tax she said would be fairer to business owners." (AP. 5/31/02)

The SBT is still in place and killing jobs. There is no new corporate tax. 109,000 jobs lost since Granholm took office.

24. "A Granholm-Cherry Administration will establish a School Supplies Tax Credit for teachers." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 9, Sept 2002)

No tax credit for teachers has been enacted.

25. "Under a Granholm-Cherry Administration, teenagers will not get drivers licenses if they don't go to school." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 10, Sept 2002)

No results here. Teenagers can still drop out of school and get their drivers licenses.

26. "Jennifer Granholm will call for a ban on new sand mining sites." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 54, Sept 2002)


27. "The Michigan First Health Care Plan will provide affordable health care coverage to every citizen in Michigan." (Unveiling new "details" of her health promise, Office of the Governor press release, 5/11/06)

No results.

28. "....By 2007 we will have brought high speed internet service to every corner of our state.." (State of the State, 2004)

Sound familiar? Apparently the Governor felt this issue was so important that it was "re-promised" two years after the first promise. And we're still not even close to having high speed internet throughout the state.

29. "Lead the fight to make our streets safer and our neighborhood secure." (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 74, Sep. 2002)

A. Michigan has 1,500 fewer police officers on the streets and in our neighborhoods since fall 2001.

B. In 2005, Detroit and Flint were ranked the second and fourth dangerous cities in the nation.

C. 95 felons tracked by electronic tether or in halfway house programs are listed as "escapees" and remain at large.

D. Six people have been murdered because of mistakes in our Corrections department.

Do you feel safer?

(Michigan Municipal League, 3/14/06; Lansing State Journal, 11/21/05; Department of Corrections, 3/29/06)

30. " I will oppose with all the vigor I possess any unilateral scheme to market, bottle, trade, or give away Great Lakes water to anyone, anywhere, anytime." (Detroit News, 3/3/02)

Governor Granholm turned around and signed legislation that expressly allows the sale of bottled water in Michigan. (SB-850, SB 854 and SB 857 of 2006).

Since the facts are before you are you still voting for Granholm? If so then that is a tragedy.

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