Saturday, August 26, 2006

An Interesting Party (Part 2) by Akindele Akinyemi

Anyone who sits here and claim that Black Republicans are wrong to support DeVos for Governor is sick in the damn head.

When I came to the Michigan Democratic Convention this afternoon I can clearly see why Black people are hooked onto the Michigan Democrats. They speak our language..race and division.

I have never seen a party so fractured in my life and Black people have the nerve to talk about Black Republicans in the Michigan Republicans?

The Michigan Democrats could not even decide who was going to be the attorney general or secretary of state. Meanwhile, the Michigan Republicans are all set to kick ass in November.

I would like to say that I felt invisible at the Michigan Democratic Convention. The reason is because this party takes advantage of Black people so much they cannot see the nonsense in front of them. They automatically assume that all Black people are Democrats.

Sorry, I am not a Democrat but a Republican. The Michigan Democrats believe in pro-choice, anti-educational choice,higher taxes, crime, decline in the quality of life, and the public lynching of those who choose to follow traditional marriage between man and woman. It is YOUR Democrats that promote the Black men on the DL bulls***. You will not find a conservative believing in such nonsense.

In fact, if a person is hungry enough they will eat horses***. This is how Blacks are in the Michigan Democrats. They are so hungry to hear Granholm's bulls*** that they consume it anyway because it's the right thing to do.

I cannot possibly understand in my right mind of why would someone support BOTH Granholm and Stabenow. BOTH are pimped by Emily's List and do not give a two cent damn about educational options. They refuse to raise the cap of charter schools and would rather see our children rot in failing schools.

Two liberal white women pimping the Black masses.

However, I will take my hat off to Granholm. She is using everything McNamara taught her. Add that Harvard Law School degree and her ability to speak well she can convince Black people in the audience that the sky is purple and we would believe it.

For instance, Granholm shared with the delegates in the hall how she had brought jobs to Michigan. Black people are clapping.

What the hell are we clapping for? Unemployment in Detroit is damn near 14%. Our people are functioning on a sixth grade level. 47% of us are functionally illerate. Hezbollah and Al-Qaida is on live in our backyards every night. People are shooting clerks in 7-11 over a damn taco. Children are being kidnapped and burned to death in Romulus. Crime is up in Pontiac. Benton Harbor on fire. Democratic cities are going broke. Divorce is sky-high in Michigan.

The quality of life has declined so bad that whole families are hauling ass right out of Detroit and Michigan all together.

In fact, while Granhom is pissing yellow rain on Black people for a vote, can ANYONE in her camp or in the Democratic Party explain why Michigan is #1 in terms of people moving out-state? How about 109,000 jobs lost under Granholm's watch (29,000 jobs lost last month).

Her natural response to this?

George W. Bush.

And Black people who are so enslaved and are afraid to leave the Democratic plantation will believe this bulls***. Black folks in this city have a history of pointing fingers at others while their hands are out for a check that they did not work for. You must be joking. You must be kidding.

When are Black people going to realize that Granholm do not give a two cent damn about us?

Jobs? She is bringing jobs.

Taco Bell
Burger King
Rite Aid
BP Gas Stations
Family Dollar
Rap Labels that promote violence

Do I need to go on?

Yes, she is bringing jobs to the city. Meanwhile, no one is working. How can you tell me that you are bringing jobs to the city yet the unemployment rate is 14%? Where are the jobs going?

Granhom needs to stop blowing smoke up our asses and come clean about why she is unable to increase the quality of life in Michigan.

Some think I am wrong on Granholm. That's cool but I can back myself up with facts. Most of her followers cannot.

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