Monday, August 07, 2006

Korey Hall's Defeat Is Near......

What is wrong with this picture with Korey Hall, who is going to loose tomorrow against Bert Johnson for the State Representative seat District 5?

LABORUnited Auto WorkersMichigan
AFL-CIOAmerican Federation of Teachers
Detroit Federation of Teachers-Anti Educational Choice
Highland Park Federation of Teachers-Anti Educational Choice
Hamtramck Federation of Teachers-Anti Educational Choice
Greater Detroit Building Trades
CouncilGreater Detroit Construction Trades
CouncilOperating Engineers Local 324
Operating Engineers Local 547

Rep. Paul Condino-Agaisnst Educational Choice
Rep. Andy Miesner-Anti-Educational Choice
Rep. Michael Murphy
Rep. Mary Waters-Against Educational Choice
Sen. Irma Clark-Coleman-Anti Educational Choice
Sen. Hansen Clarke
Councilwoman Barbara-Rose Collins-Anti-Educational Choice

Rev. Wendell Anthony-Anti-Eucational Choice
Rev. Joe Jordan-Anti-Educational Choice
Rev. Kenneth Flowers
Paul Bridgewater
Council of Baptist Pastors- Anti Educational Choice
Detroit & Vicinity
Fannie Lou Hamer (PAC)-Anti-Educational Choice
National Organization of Women-Anti Educational Choice
Community Coalition
Eastside Slate
Keep The Vote - No Takeover-Anti Educational Choice
Sierra Club
National Assocation of Social Workers
African American Trucking Association
The Detroit News

“Korey A. Hall offers a better combination of lifelong dedication, policy interest and fierce community devotion.”The Detroit Free Press

I have said numerous times that this man was against educational choice and here is the dying proof. And what does Keep the Vote No Takeover has to do with Korey Hall? He is guaranteed defeat if these loose cannons are endorsing him.