Friday, August 18, 2006

Mary Waters for Secretary of State? Yeah Right by Akindele Akinyemi

I am so glad to see the Michigan Democrats fall apart at a time when Granholm is down on her luck. After using race for so long to swing votes and using the Michigan Citizen Newspaper as their liberal tool of war things are finally beginning to fall apart.

God do not like ugly.

When I heard Mary Waters at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention this past February in Lansing I thought she was buzzed again from drinking.

She said she was running for the Secretary of State of Michigan.

Of course, I called a few people and laughed at the notion that this woman had the nerve to run up against Terri Lynn Land.

Not because she is Black but because no one knows who she is outside of Detroit.

I would nominate my dog, cat or even a felon before I nominate Mary Waters for anything. It was bad enough she was voted in three times as state representative in District 4. But then again the people over here would vote for anything, as they did for Coleman Young Jr., who do not even have residency in Michigan and claimed that Waters endorsed him.

Personally, I would not vote for Waters I would go with Land. This has nothing to do with me being Republican. Land has done a terific job in her first four years as Secretary of State. That's a fact. Regardless of what the boogeyman who is Black has told you.

So now Mary Waters had a news conference or rally in front of the Coleman A Young Building yesterday and accused Mayor Kilpatrick supporting the GOP ticket.

That's wonderful news. It means he is willing to work both sides of the aisle to create "Next Detroit." A Kilpatrick vote for DeVos and Cox alone would help us win Michigan.

However, what I do find interesting about Waters claim about Kilpatrick and the Michigan GOP is the fact that many lawmakers I know (who are Democrats from Detroit) do not even like Waters and many have said that Governor Granholm do not care about Detroit and those Black Democrats in the city.I am not making this up.

Remember, this is the same governor who said at her kick-off celebration that the Democrats have ALWAYS led the fight on civil rights when it is a known fact the Republicans historically have led this fight for decades. Since Granholm is a aHarvard Law School Graduate she can get away with saying things like this to a group of people with a sixth grade education.

Mary Waters for Secretary of State? Get real.

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