Sunday, August 27, 2006

Michigan Democrats Have Collapsed by Akindele Akinyemi

I just received word that the Michigan Democratic Party has collapsed!!!

Apparently, this morning at the State Democratic Party's convention there was a floor fight between Amos Williams and M. Scott Bowen for Attorney General. Thanks to Gov. Granholm and the Labor Caucus that nod has went to Amos Williams.

I sure hope that they gave Mr. Williams a disclaimer on why he will not beat Mike Cox in November.

I feel sorry for Scott Bowen. I just wrote about how racial politics is very prevalent in the Democratic Party and race is used at a wedge against candidates and voters in general. Bowen has spent money on billboards getting his name out all over Detroit and for him not to get the nomination demonstrates to me the division in the party.

Macomb County Clerk Carmella Sabaugh won the nomination over State Representative Mary Waters for Secretary of State.

The Democrats, who rely on Black people in Detroit for votes, could not do the right thing and pick two Black people to run for key positions. In my opinion, Williams is more of a token Black than a candidate.

However, this is not good for Granholm. She must be throwing up right now because she knows in order for her to win this election she must put on a Oscar-Winning act to beat DeVos. We know that's not going to happen.

The Michigan Democrats are divided on issues, candidates and Black Democrats in Detroit have been calling me all weekend asking about the Michigan Turnaround Plan by Dick DeVos. The Black Democrats are disgusted with Granholm and do not wish to support her but are afraid to vote for a Republican.

Most Blacks in the party are so disgusted at the Michigan Democratic Party that there are talks about Blacks splitting from the Michigan Democrats to form their own party. My phone has been blowing up as well as my e-mail of Blacks in the State Democratic Party seeking personal advice from me on what the values of the Republicans are all about and why young Black people want to be Republican. This includes some of my childhood friends. They have lost faith in the Democratic Party. They are really upset and angry of what has happened in the party. Many Blacks are also pissed off at Granholm and the State Democratic Party for leaving Detroit they way it is.

Granholm's mantra of blaming George Bush for the economic downfall of Michigan is beginning to loose steam in Detroit. People are now asking questions on why Granholm has not done anything for Detroit. The Granholm camp is beginning to loose steam and the Michigan Democrats are out of ideas.

It's time to give fear a rest and begin to support what's right. Why are you part of a party that uses racism, divide and conquer tactics to keep us divided? It only took Michigan Republicans 2 hours to nominate people on the ticket and it took the Michigan Democrats two days to nominate people on the ticket and it's a weak ticket.

We are now urging people in the Granholm camp and the Michigan Democrats to vote DeVos. The reason is simple: Granholm will not win this election and her history of abusing Michigan is written in stone.

Think about it. If people in your own Democratic party is not voting for Granholm why should you?

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