Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mobilize by Akindele Akinyemi

We are finally past the primary elections in Michigan and the march on to the general has begun.

The lines are drawn and it is clearly going to be hell on Earth in Michigan.

I am predicting a clean sweep in November.

The Main Event:

I have been saying all along that Dick DeVos will win this election. This is why many of you have been very quiet lately on this blog when I mention Dick DeVos's name. Did you see the primary election results?

Dick DeVos received 579,233 votes and Granholm received 530,248. This is going to be a showdown and I can tell you this DeVos will win by 1-2%. If he makes Keith Butler his Lt. Governor then Black people in this city will split their ticket to see a Black man elected as Lt. Governor.

The race between Debbie Stabenow and Michael Bouchard is going to be tight. Bouchard will win Oakland County but looking at Wayne and Macomb counties Boucahrd is going to need to work harder in those counties if he wants to win. I will not make a prediction about this race until later.

Mike Cox and Terri Lynn Land will have anything to worry about this election cycle.

In Farmington Hills, I am keeping my eye on our One Detroit supporters in the Oakland CountyCommission Races. Incumbent Mike Rogers is running for re-election against Richard Corey in District 14. Next door in District 15, Todd White came out on top in the primary against incumbent Jim Nash. White, an African-American Republican and Rogers, an African-American Republican, will sweep in Farmington Hills.

Speaking of commission races, keep your eye on One Detroit's Torion Bridges in the Wayne County Commission District 7 race against Burton Leland. many have already written off Bridges because of his age (19) but he managed to get 655 votes, the most out of the Republican candidates, who were running for County Commissioner, in the City of Detroit. Black people will be happy to split their ticket this time, regardless of his age, because people are pissed off at Leland. A supporter of educational choice, Bridges will bring energy to the table.

Up in Saginaw, there is a young brother named Joel Wilson, who is running for State Representative in the 95th District. He received 2,231 votes in his race and will be keying for an upset.

In District 17 in Redford Township, One Detroit's Zhe Clampitt received 2,836 votes. We have not even gotten started with the real campaign. Will she pull off an upset with Dillion?

Newcomer Chad Miles is on the Congressional scene in the 14th District races. He has a promising future ahead of him. He is a supporter of the One Detroit Network.

With Yvette Robinson running the show for DeVos in Detroit, Carmen Hodge running the Ethnic Coalitions for the Michigan Republicans and other young Black conservatives coming together this is history in the making.

We are asking people over at the Michigan Democrats to join in and be on the winning team.

We are united, ready to mobilize and this time we will make sure the job is completed. You will see how many Black people switch their vote this time because of Granholm's incompetence. I guarantee it.

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