Thursday, August 24, 2006

The New Black Power Movement is Called Capitalism by Charles Badger

President Bush declared this "Minority Enterprise Development Week."

In doing so he recognized some of the nations top Black CEO'S.

Dick Parson--CEO & Chairman--AOL Times Warner

American Express CEO Kenneth I. Chenault

Fannie Mae CEO Franklin D. Raines

Clifton R. Wharton Jr., CEO of TIAA-CREF

E. Stanley O'Neal, CEO of Merrill Lynch & Co.

Arthur "Art" H. Harper--CEO & President--GE Equipment Services

Erroll B. Davis Jr.--Chairman & CEO--Alliant Energy

Alwyn Lewis--CEO--Sears Retail & President of Sears Holdings

Pamela Thomas-Graham--CEO & President, CNBC--Executive Vice President, NBC

Ursula M. Burns--President, Business Group Operations & Sr. VP--Xerox Corp.

Brian P. Anderson--CFO & Executive Vice President of Finance--OfficeMax Inc.

James A. Bell--CFO--Boeing

Thomas K. "Tony" Brown--Senior Vice President, Global Purchasing--Ford Motor Co.

Virgis W. Colbert--Exec. VP, Worldwide Operations--Miller Brewing Co

Monte Ford--Sr. VP & CIO, American Airlines

Steve Davis--President & COO, Long John Silver's

Darryl B. Hazel--President--Lincoln Mercury

Frederick W. Hill--Executive Vice President--J. P. Morgan Chase & Co

Vicki R. Palmer--Exec. VP--Coca Cola Enterprises, Inc.

Kim Nelson--President, Snacks Unlimited--Corp. VP, General Mills

Sylvia Rhone--President, Motown Records--Executive VP, Universal Records

Cathy D. Ross--Senior VP & CFO--Federal Express Corp.

Ronald A. Williams President & Director, Aetna Inc.

Cathy Huges--President--Radio One (Multi-Millionaire)

Bob Johnson (billionarie)--Former President, BET/Part-Owner of the Charlotte Bobcats (NBA) and Owner of the Charlotte Sting (WNBA). He also sits on the boards of U.S. Airways, General Mills, and Hilton Hotels.

Oprah Winfrey (billionaire)--need I say more???

...ALL of whom are black.

But you see, there is nothing new about this. As George Frazier puts it "Success Runs In Our Race!" These 25 men and women are merely following in the footsteps of a long line of blacks capitalist who achieved even though they had far greater obstacles to overcome (like the threat of lynching, for instance).

Case-in-point, ex-slaves John Merrick and Dr. Aaron McDuffie Moore who in 1898 established the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, one of the largest and most successful black enterprises in the history of American capitalism, a firm that 100 years later would employ over 1,000 individuals and boast assets exceeding $200 million.

Or take another ex-slave C.H. James who in 1883 at the age of 19 started a business in West Virginia selling food out of a cart. By 1918, his company had become the largest wholesale food distributor in the state, with sales in excess of $350,000 a year. In 1918, President Theodore Roosevelt --a Republican--wrote to him: "[I have pointed] to you as a man who actually is by his actions and not merely by his words solving the race problem in this country."

I could go on at length on the subject. Bottomline, I'm gald our President has issued this proclamation. This week, let us reflect on our enterprising ancestors in the spirit of what Marcus Garvey's so famously termed "Black Capitalism."

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