Thursday, August 03, 2006

Please, No More Granholm by Akindele Akinyemi

The Michigan Republican Party Chairman, Saul Anuzis, asked the following:

"What has Governor Granholm done for Detroit? Under the leadership of Governor Granholm, fewer of Detroit's children are graduating from high school. Because of Granholm's business policies, more Detroiters find themselves without work. Since Granholm took office, Detroit has fewer police officers on the street, making the city a less safe place to live. Under Granholm, Detroit has turned into one of the fastest- shrinking cities in the United States. Four years of a Granholm administration has left Detroit the least prepared city in America to handle a terrorist attack. So just what has Governor Granholm done for Detroit? "

I would like to add on to this since I actually live in Detroit.

Anyone that is supporting the Governor and cannot ask this question is either supporting her because she is a woman, supporting her because they need a job or just blind as hell. There is no logical reason to support her. I can't find one person in her camp (anywhere in this state) to give me a logical reason of why they are supporting her.

Granholm's blind support of supporting traditional public schools in Detroit has caused a mass exodus from the city. People are hauling ass down I-40 or I-77 to go work in North Carolina. Some have found refuge in places like Indianapolis.

There is no quality of life in Detroit. Period. Anytime you go to a water park like the one in Chandler Park and someone pulls a gun out and the police is forced to shut the place down in 100 degree temperatures at 6:00pm there is no quality of life.

Crime is high as hell in Detroit. No quality of life.

Children roaming the streets hungry. No quality of life.

Women selling their asses for crack or food. The highest I've seen in a decade. No quality of life.

People smoking anything on Linwood and Davison. No quality of life.

Yet, young people say they want to stay and help Detroit. They don't have a clue of how to help Detroit unless they begin to promote personal responsibility and that means cutting the umbilical cord from the Democrats and their hand out policies.

What does Saul Anuzis say about the weak attempt to swing votes Granholm's way?

"Governor Granholm's campaign must be in terrible shape if it must slap suburban Detroit voters in the face, bragging about how this governor insisted on higher water rates for the suburbs, just to pander to Detroit voters, who are supposed to be this governor's reliable base. While the Democratic Party claims to be confident this pander will slip past suburban voters unnoticed, we don't believe a word they say. If they really were so confident, they'd be airing this ad statewide, rather than on just a few stations in Detroit."

What about that horrific ad Granholm released this morning while I was watching Local 4 News This Morning? I don't want to hear about what she did as a Attorney General of how she fought price gouging. Hell, gas in some areas in Metro Detroit is $3.16 while in South Carolina is $2.71.

Not one time she mentioned anything about jobs and the economy in Michigan. Has she forgotten why we are hauling ass right out of the state without returning U-Haul trucks back to its original place? Whole families are moving to places like Hamilton, Ohio, Terre Haute, Indiana and Harrisburg, PA. Young people who are educators are moving to North Carolina, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

The Democratic Party in this state keeps on telling us that Detroit is on the comeback. The comeback from what? The sewer? The toliet?

Please vote for change in BOTH August and November. Do not vote for someone that wants to keep your children enslaved talking about "am I my brother's keeper" in DPS. Please don't vote for Granholm because you worked her campaign. That's absurd. This type of mentality pushes us further into the snake pit.

Please don't vote for Granholm because you think she is a job maker when the facts show that we are the second state of out-bound movers behind North Dakota. We are leaving because of Granholm. Not Bush or Engler. Granholm.

Please don't vote for Granholm because you think she will help higher education when in fact she has cut scholarships and have raised tuition across the state.

When John Engler was Governor people were working in Detroit. Now since Gov. Granholm has become Governor people (male or female) are selling their asses on Woodward, Plymouth or East 7 Mile. People are hungry and Detroit is a one big poverty pot.

Please, no more Granholm.


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