Sunday, August 27, 2006

Racial Politics is Stupid by Akindele Akinyemi

Racism is stupid and when I see racism it reminds me of how dumb we are as human beings.

Racism exists in politics, especially in the Democrats and Republicans. However, I am disgusted with racial politics in this city and region as a whole. Sometimes, I feel like I'm living in Mississippi in 1955.

Detroit will never be a world-class city or a 21st century reality if we keep on throwing race in the picture.

I get this a lot in Detroit:

"We can't have Republicans take over Detroit." Who the hell wants to take over Detroit? This is one conspiracy theory that has been rumored for a long time. The people who they are talking about live in booming communites OUTSIDE Detroit.

"Granholm must be re-elected because we can't have DeVos in." Huh? This does not make any sense at all. There is no reason for this statement. An example of sixth grade education.

And the classic line:

"White folks are trying to move back in Detroit." Has anyone ever heard of Warrendale? What about North Rosedale Park? Grandmont? University District? Palmer Woods? The Co-op's and condos near Lafayette Towers? White folks never left people, this is a conspiracy theory created by paranoid Black activists in the city.

"Oh my God they (White people) want to take over the water." I have heard this 1 billion times.
Here are some more:

"White people pick up prostitutes in the city." Even though that might be true what is a sister doing selling her ass during the devil's hours?

"White folks brought drugs into the hood in Detroit." If they did who told you to take and use drugs?

"The Arabs got all the Liquor stores in the hood." Yes, so why do you feed into your habit of consuming liquor so you can get drunk?

The point I'm making is racism and prejudice is so stupid it keeps all races in the dark on what's going on. Black people should have the option to live anywhere in this region. White folks should have the option to raise their families in Detroit if they choose to. Other races should be able to live in peace anywhere in Metro Detroit without being harassed.

One thing I did like what Saul Anuzis said during the Michigan Republicans convention is that the Michigan Democrats have a Black Caucus, an Indian Caucus, an Arab/Chaldean Caucus, etc while the Republicans would put all the ethnic groups under one roof because we all have the same issues that affect our community. I thought what he said was intelligent.

The Democratic Party has used race to win elections, yet, our urban communities statewide look like the day after. They use race to place a wedge against Black people and use divide and conquer tactics.

For instance, why is there a debate in the Michigan Democrats about how many Black people should we put on the ticket? I mean, they can only pick ONE Black person on the ticket with Granholm. They cannot decide whether or not to pick Mary Waters for Secretary of State and leave Amos Williams off for Attorney General or vice versa. The white folks and unions in the party have split Black people up in the party with divide and conquer.

Why not endorse BOTH African Americans on the ticket? Even Granholm, who is always talking about she need Black people, is NOT endorsing Amos Williams. What does that tell you about Granholm?

I do not see any togetherness in the Democratic Party other than if you Black you must be Democrat. Even that notion is flawed because the conservative Democrats are looked very negatively in the community. You have to be wearing locks, sporting a dashiki, talking about who is a sell-out or puppet, quoting some hardcore Black Nationalist leader that you never met before, listen and discuss on what's on 88.1FM, a part of some quasi-fool group like Call Em' Out, walking around passing out Michigan Citizen Newspapers, talking about how lost Black people are if they go Republican, debate on issues you have no clue on, operating on a sixth grade level of intelligence, operating on a funcationally illerate level of 47%, faking the funk, people taking about getting together with you and never don't, people who never return your phone calls until election time or need a political favor but never check on you to see how you and your family is doing let alone go out and enjoy each other's company (this is ONE of the major reasons whyI left the Democrats), candidates bugging the hell out of you to see if you got endorsed by a PAC and then you never hear from them again, will not support your political consulting business that you are trying to get of the ground, promoting paranoia and fear among Black people, talking socialist rhetoric about keeping your dollars in the hood but receive piss-poor service in the hood, feel good politics and enjoy how the Democratic Party takes advantage of our people and constantly reminding them that the Republicans are the enemy. This is interesting that they would say this because 99% of our young Black Dems in both the city and state have no clue what a Republican is and our values. Only what the unions and Democratic leadership have fed them.

The Democratic Party will come in your churches, pray with you, eat your chicken and vote another way that does not help African Americans in Detroit. However, they use racism and racial politics as a factor to keep Blacks in control, keep us in fear and keep us in check. What is the difference between slavery yesterday and slavery today? Nothing.

Most of the young Black Democrats I know who are very active in politics HAVE NOT even crossed over to connect with the young Black Republicans. I did not see any Black Dems at the Michigan Republicans convention in Novi, yet, I still took it upon myself to connect with Dems at their convention. I understand that we have to break barriers to build a greater community. As long as the Michigan Democrats keep our young Black Democrats on lock they will continue to think we are crazy when we are not.

It's time to flush racism and racial politics down the toilet.

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Anonymous said...

All of your points are based on the sole belief of morality as politik.

This is a fairly strong theme in Republican speak. We address the 'moral' wrong, instead of addressing the issues that lead to these kinds of things. We accuse all information (Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology) of being liberal as opposed to being true and simply contrary to your beliefs.

And no.. I'm not a Democrat. I'm someone who has the intellect and ability to disagree with you.