Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Real History of Affirmative Action

The facts speak for themselves: It was Republicans, not Democrats, who crafted, implemented, and continue to promote Affirmative Action.

Republican President Richard Nixon started Affirmative Action in 1969 with his Philadelphia Plan, as crafted by black Republican Arthur Fletcher, that set the nation’s first goals and timetables for awarding federal contracts. Democrats turned Affirmative Action into an unfair quota system, harming blacks with social promotions where may blacks were given diplomas even though they could not read, write, or do math.

In the recent University of Michigan case, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected that school’s unfair quota system while upholding the Republican ideal of diversity. Republicans believe that hiring and selection should e color blind, based solely on qualifications, not on quotas or racial preferences. These beliefs were shared by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Frederick Douglass who were both Republicans.

Under President Nixon, Congress passed the 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act which gave the Civil Rights Commission the authority to take legal action to stop discriminatory employment practices. This act paved the way for President Nixon to issue Executive Order 11248 that included the nation’s first affirmative action programs designed to overcome the harm done by Democrat President Woodrow Wilson when he kicked all of the blacks out of federal government jobs in 1912.

In 1973, the Republican administration passed the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act to provide federal funding to train unskilled minority workers for jobs in federally assisted programs. Under President Reagan, the Federal Contract Compliance and Workforce Development Act of 1988 was passed to improve enforcement of affirmative action requirements in federal contracts and increase funding for job training for women and minorities.

So, what happened with Affirmative Action while Bill Clinton was president? On December 15, 1994, the Honorable Judge David V. Kenyon ordered the Clinton administration to force the Pacific Maritime Association (a group of l00 shipping companies) to develop an affirmative action plan to stop discrimination against blacks, Hispanics and female longshore workers along the west coast. Clinton left office six years later, never having forced the companies to develop such a plan. In 1995, the Clinton administration filed a reverse discrimination lawsuit against Illinois State University on behalf of a group of white janitors.

On December 3, 2002, President Clinton spoke to the Democratic Leadership Council at New York State University. He suggested a plan for Democrats to re-gain the White House. None of his recommendations dealt with providing more civil rights protection for blacks nor did they include improving the deplorable conditions in black communities, all of which are run by Democrats. His only reference to civil rights dealt with civil rights for gays. His only reference to re-building communities dealt with re-building communities in other countries under the Marshall Plan. Note that Bill Clinton’s mentor was J. William Fullbright, a staunch segregationist. None of Clinton’s inner-circle of advisors were black.

While the debate about Affirmative Action continues, President George W. Bush has been busy walking the walk. Quietly, President Bush has consistently practiced what he preached by appointing well-qualified blacks, Latinos, Asians, and women to high level, key positions in his Administration.

Bush’s secretary of state was a black man.

Bush’s second secretary of state was a black woman.

Bush’s national security advisor was a black woman.

Bush’s director of personnel management was a black woman.

Bush’s assistant attorney general was a black man.

Bush’s chairman of the FCC was a black man.

Bush’s secretary of education was a black man.

Bush’s director of HUD was a black man.

Bush’s assistant secretary of education of education was a black man.

Bush’s White House legal counsel was a Hispanic man.

Bush’s director of Small Business Administration was a Hispanic man.

Bush’s secretary of labor was an Asian woman.

Bush’s secretary of transportation was an Asian man.

Not only did President Bush place these people in high paying positions with large budgets, but he is also the first president to approve funding to produce America’s National African American Museum and Cultural Center on the Mall in Washington, DC. In 1983, it was President Reagan who signed the bill sponsored by Republicans that established a national holiday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


FreeMan said...

Coopted puppet - You are lying - US Republicans - Bush - US Attorney General Gonzalez have openly attacked Affirmative Action - MI Republicans - MI Republican Secretary of State - MI Attorney General- MI Republican Supreme Court & MI Republican legislators attack Affirmative Action by leading for its removal by November Ballot petition & seeking to limit MI Civil Rights Commission's ability to investigate how Affirmative Action Ballot ? got on the ballot in MI
Bush chairman on FCC was Colin Powell's son
None of the People of Color that Bush appointed openly oppose his anti-affirmative action stance
Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in Affirmative Action - 1963 "I Have a Dream" spech called equality promised to Afrikans in 1868 14th Amendment to US Constitution - "a blank check" which means more should be done for Afrikans to enjoy US = by the US government - Rev. King consistently worked with US democrats - President Kennedy & Johnson - Rev. King supported US democrats - Democrat President Truman intergrated US Army 1946 - Democrat President Johnson 1st appointed Afrikan with Positive Afrikan History Thurgood Marshall US Supreme Court 1967
President Reagan did racist acts against Afrikans - honored SS Nazi Guards - he approved & recognized Racist Apartheid Minority Rule South Afrika government & used drug $ to finance an illegal war against Non-White European-America people in El Salvador & Nicaragua against people ruled government - Reagan openly campaigned against the King Holiday & VERY RELUCTANTLY approved it
President Bush I appointed Traitor to the Afrikan race Clarence Thomas who as director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission refused to sue civil rights cases in favor of Women & Afrikans & People of Color & while married to a White European-American woman engaged in Sexual Harassment against an Afrikan woman - to the US Supreme Court who has extreme Anti-Afrikan rulings
Bush II US Republican leader the day after leaving a wreath in "honor" of Rev. Dr. King Jr. said,"Affirmative Action is "UnAmerican"! Bush II has appointed several US judges that engage in extreme Anti-Afrikan rulings - Bush II used the US Justice Department to argue against the University of MI Affirmative Action case & are pressuring universities to disband their Affirmative Action programs & recently announce a consent judgment were Pontiac, MI public safety is to stop its Affirmative Action program
US & MI Republicans Racist Facist are actively fighting to limit & destroy Affirmative Action - Lie Good for your Massah - Coopted Puppet

akindele akinyemi said...

you make yourself look like an ass.

there are several flaws to what you're saying.

First, there is no actual proof of what you are saying about how the Michigan Republicans do not support affrimative action. From DeVos to State Republicans..all support affirmative action.

People like leon drolet do not count because he is a libertarian posing as a republican.

Another piss-poor point you make is how you said MLK believed in affirmative action. 1. there were no affirmative action policy put in place until 1972 under arthur fletcher..a black republican in the nixon administration.

even if MLK promoted affirmative action the fact remains he was a republican.

your point on MLK supporting democrats is no different than granholm working with republicans to push legislation.

You pointed out reagan was a racist yet you fail to realize that blacks prospered under this president. that is a fact. the only people who did not prosper were those blacks who were uneducated.

Why is clarence thomas a traitor? because in your primitive mind you don't agree with him. so you resort to name calling.

what is an anti-afrikan ruling? there is no such thing.

you suppot affrimative acion because you cannot make it out here on your own because of the lack of education you possess. Even though I support affrimative action if it went up in flames tomorrow you would not survive and you would become a permanent underclass while I would move on.

FreeMan said...

Coopted Puppet - Michigan Republican Attorney General Mike Cox argued in the US Supreme Court against Affirmative Action in the University of Michigan case - Blocked efforts to have = hearings on the deceptive racially targeted voter fraud by traitor to the Afrikan race Wardell Connerly's organization Michigan Civil Rights Initiative did to have the Affirmative Action ? placed on the ballot - Michigan Republican Terri Lyn Land blocked efforts to have = hearings on why the Affirmative Action ? should not be on the ballot -
Michigan Republicans seeking to remove the ability of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission to investigate the racially targetted voter fraud that allowed the Affirmative Action ? on the ballot
Most Afrikans suffered under Reagan's racist policies - that by definition is undemocractic - People based policy means the majority of people benefit
Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr supported the principle of Affirmative Action to elevate Black Afrikans from their historic & current status because of racism in the US
Clarence Thomas is a Traitor to the Afrikan race bcause he personally benefitted from Affirmative Action to get into Yale Law School - yet wants to eliminate it although US racism against Afrikans is getting stronger - Ruled against Affirmative Action - Ruled that written policy by Prosecutors to remove all Black Afrikans from juries & removal of Black Afrikans from juries by Prosecutors does not violate US = protection of law - Ruled that the brutal & unjustified beating of a Black Afrikan by guards does not break any US law
Clarence Thomas claims that he got it all on his own - without the civil rights movement - Yet without the civil righs & US governmental changes he could not live in Racist Virginia with his White European-American wife
Anti- = against / Afrikan = the people or descendants of Black Afrikans
Decisions against Affirmative Action - Voting Rights - = protection of law as it applies to Afrikans are Anti-Afrikan rulings
It doesn't matter about me - Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. said,"the ? is not what will happen to me - the ? is if I do not help (the poor - oppressed - my Black Afrikan people) what will happen to them?"
US & Michigan Republicans Racist Facist are actively fighting to limit & eliminate Affirmative Action!

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