Monday, August 14, 2006

Ruth Johnson: Standing Strong for Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

The "controversy" over Ruth Johnson, Dick DeVos's running mate, has already have Democrats in Detroit spinning.

For example:

Q: Who is Ruth Johnson?

A: Dick Devos' choice for Lieutenant Governor has a bad record on civil rights and other issues:
Ruth Johnson voted YES on the Republican budget that cut $529 million from public education.

My position: What would $529 million dollars would have done for public education in the State of Michigan? Meanwhile, children still continue to fail in traditional public schools, Democrats continue blocking educational choice and students who graduate from schools are continuing their exodus from Michigan.

She voted NO on early childhood education

My position: I thought the largest conglomerate in the hood (the church) can do this without government funding.

She voted YES on the GOP amendment to ban Affirmative Action.

My position: I disagree with Johnson on this because of the high level of racism in higher education. On the flip side, minorities should NOT use Affirmative Action as a crutch either or excuse.

She voted with the Insurance companies and against the consumer.

My position: Yes, redlining is a serious problem in Detroit, however, in New Jack City (New Center Area) we have the highest insurance rates in the city. Not because of greedy ass insurance lobbyists but because people are stealing vehicles off people's private property that causes our insurance to go up. This is a quality of life issue that has been largely ignored.

She voted NO on an amendment to use $6 million in tobacco money on drug assistance.

My position: Drug assistance? I would have voted the same way. Churches and non-profits can help with drug assistance. Again, this is a quality of life issue. Why are people taking drugs to begin with?

She voted YES on Senate Bill 195 to takeover the Detroit Water Board.

My position: Privitize or regionalize the water department. We cannot afford to run it anymore.

While Democrats continue their tirade of educational choice, big wasteful spending and not providing people an answer of why young people are leaving the state, Republicans are steady improving on less government, helping small business owners and promoting educational choice.

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