Tuesday, August 22, 2006

We Need Better Solutions for Our Children By Akindele Akinyemi

I was present at the Detroit Federation of Teachers rally at noon today. The district wants $105 million in concessions from its unions. The DFT says teachers already are some of the lowest paid in the area. It is seeking a raise for top-scale teachers with masters degrees.

However, what is the real motive of DFT. They want more money for their teachers yet DFT/DPS always report dismal test scores year after year.

This one brother explained to me why they are out here rallying and how school might not start on time pending the vote that is going to take place this coming Sunday at Cobo Hall.

This sister had a sign that said "Danger, Educated Union Member." If that's true then how come the same educated union members shut down DPS when we were trying to add 15 new charter high schools in Detroit where some could have been authorized by thedistrictt itself?

"No Rollbacks" said this sign. How come we are rolling back educational choice here in Detroit?

This looked like a gathering instead of a rally.

These people were talking about their proposed 15.6% pay increase. I would increase their pay if they brought their asses to work.

These people on the corner of the Fisher Building talking about nothing important.

I caught this person in a DPS school last year sleeping during a computer class. The teacher did not even try to wake the student up because he had been "disruptive." Why should I pay teachers for half-ass work?

Why are most DPS schools near ran-down homes that are crime-infested?

And have rampant prostitution nearby?

DPS schools are also near grassy fields that are as tall as five feet. Who the hell would send their children to this type of environment?

And we wonder why whole families are moving out of Detroit at warp speed.

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