Monday, September 18, 2006

Black Paranoia On High Alert by Akindele Akinyemi

Does Race Matters to Devos?

One thing is for sure Gubernatorial candidate Dick Devos is not a Milliken Republican, he's a Engler Republican and he makes it clearer everyday.

This is from J.B's DetroitUncovered website. What exactly is a Engler Republican?

If it wasn't enough that he chose a running mate with the track record that is abysmal on issues of race.

Is he speaking of Ruth Johnson? And if so what exactly are we talking about? Affirmative Action?

He turned down an opportunity to attend a rally last Saturday on Affirmative Action.

Why should he have attended after saying numerous times that he does not support the MCRI? I think playing the race issue is getting old. So what, Granholm showed up along with Stabenow. Hell, neither of them have done anything impressive for Michigan and both are weak as water on education for our children. I was at that same Affirmative Action rally and even though I supported this I did not see race as an issue but giving people equal opportunities as a factor of keeping affirmative action in place.

And what message was he sending when he attended a forum on race and never mentioned race in his response to a question on education?

This is absurd. Granholm never showed up during the teacher strike in DPS until the very end. And this is the same woman who showed her ass when educators had an opportunity to jump on board with a $200 million dollar offer from Robert Thompson to build 15 charter high schools in Detroit. Granholm KNOWS for a fact that she cannot save the Detroit Public School System and therefore has continued to leave Black children hanging.

The line has been drawn in the sand now and DeVos has his sites clearly set on outstate voters and not on Detroit voters. Probably won't see him in Detroit much in these final weeks as the campaign rolls to a close.

Of course has ANYONE been to the DeVos camp in Detroit? I did not think so. Have you seen the young people working over there? Nope. So why lie?

His attempts to buy off the black clergy in Detroit was a resounding failure with a couple of exceptions and he did manage to spend enough with Detroit's largest black newspaper (The Chronicle) to persuade its boss, no surprise there.

Some said DeVos paid Black young adults to walk with him on Labor Day in Downtown Detroit (including myself). Some have said that DeVos is paying me off to swing votes for him in Detroit. Can someone SHOW and prove to me with facts that DeVos is paying our young Black adults off for him in Detroit? I am harping on this issue because I have been getting e-mails about how we were paid off and how DeVos paid me for wearing my Black Republican t-shirt to represent him. If someone can prove to me that I was paid off by the DeVos camp or even the Michigan Republicans in general I will shut up and shut this blog down permanently. Detroit are full of liars and haters that do not want change. And then you wonder why Black young adults are moving out of the city and state and the city keeps getting older and older. The city is dead and its people are dead with it.

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