Thursday, September 14, 2006

Black People Cannot Vote For Granholm by Akindele Akinyemi

I cannot understand why Black people ANYWHERE in Michigan are voting for Granholm in November. Would you re-elect a governor who is the cause of this?

Did you see the piss-poor China commerical that is being played on TV as we speak? As usual Blacks are inept to research the facts as presented to them. If Granholm was to piss on African Americans in Detroit we would call it yellow rainwater. If she is conducting academic genocide against Black children in the urban citites in Michigan we would call it fuighting for our struggles in the public school system.

Remember she was the one preaching about One Michigan. Well ONE DETROIT has exposed this lie because we are far more divided than ever before thanks to Jenny girl.

Let's look at the facts of this wack commercial.


MDP: “If someone announced tomorrow he was investing $200 million to open factories and create jobs in Michigan, well, he'd be treated like a hero right? Might even want to run for governor."

· From 1995 to 2003, Alticor invested $700 million into its operations here in Michigan (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06). So why is Dick DeVos under attack from the anti-business Democrat Party?

· As a result of Alticor’s re-organization, led by Dick DeVos, Alticor is enjoying its sixth consecutive year of growth (Alticor News Release, 11/2/05).

· With 4,000 employees, Alticor/Amway remains one of Michigan’s and one of the world’s most competitive businesses (MEDC, Kent County Economic Profilers).

· Dick DeVos’ efforts in turning the City of Grand Rapids around created thousands of jobs on various projects. Here’s the breakdown:

555 jobs created from the Cherry Street Landing project.

55 jobs created for full-time staffing of the Van Andel Arena and DeVos Convention Center.
2,800 jobs created (Google X 2.8) from the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

MDP: “So when Dick DeVos invested $200 million creating thousands of jobs, where did he do it? China.”

Not one single Michigan job was outsourced to China. Every single product that is made in China is sold in China. Dick Devos' investment in China mirrors the many successful Michigan based companies that have established operations in China.

· Granholm’s assertion that Dick DeVos invested $200 million in China was A LIE last week and it’s STILL A LIE today. $120 million of the company’s total $200 million investment happened in 2003, AFTER Dick DeVos had left the company (Grand Rapids Business Journal, 10/27/03).

· Again, NOT ONE SINGLE MICHIGAN JOB WAS OUTSOURCED TO CHINA BY DICK DEVOS! (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/06).


· Other companies that have locations both here in Michigan and in China include such successful companies as:

American Axel
General Motors Corporation
Ford Motor Company
Federal Mogul
Delphi Corporation
Visteon Corporation
Daimler-Chrysler Corporation
First Auto Works
(Source: Detroit Free Press, 3/26/06)

· Governor Granholm has awarded the companies listed above over $2 billion in MEGA and Brownfield business incentives (State of Michigan MEGA Grant and Tax Credit recipients 2003-2006).

· Chris Holman, the man Governor Jennifer Granholm appointed to be Michigan’s Small Business Czar is the owner of a company that has operations in China (MIRS Capitol Capsule, 5/19/06).

· The State of Michigan’s Michigan Economic Development Corporation presently has operations in Shanghai, China (Crain’s Detroit Business, 6/7/04).

· So it seems the governor does have a problem with Michigan companies investing in China- when it’s politically convenient.

MDP: “You suppose maybe there's a province in China that's looking for a governor?”

There is a State in the United States looking for a NEW governor. Four years of Governor Granholm have led Michigan straight into a single-state recession that is struggling to get by while the rest of the nation enjoys vast economic

· Since Jennifer Granholm has been governor, Michigan has lost 104,600 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

· Since Governor Granholm introduced her “Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow Plan”, Michigan has lost 55,100 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

· United Van Lines reports that Michigan now leads the country in one-way out-of-state moves.

· Michigan’s unemployment rate is the 2nd highest in the country and is nearly 50% above the national average (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

· Nearly 20% of Michigan’s children are living in poverty (Detroit Free Press, 8/30/06).

· Michigan’s median income has dropped below the national average for the first time ever (Detroit News, 8/30/06).

· In 2005 89,473 Michigan citizens filed for bankruptcy. This represented an all-time high in filings. (Detroit Free Press, 9/18/05)

· From February 2004 to February 2006, the rate of home foreclosures in Michigan doubled to a rate that is 2 ½ times higher than the national average. (Muskegon Chronicle, 2/27/06)

· Including Washington DC, Michigan ranks 51st in the nation in home values. (CNN Money, 12/1/05)

Conclusions on the Democrats’ Attacks on DeVos and China?:

· “Nothing Alticor produces in Guangzhou under its Amway brand leaves China, meaning no jobs were “shipped” there” (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06).

· “This was a red herring when I looked at it 13 months ago, and it’s still a red herring” (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06).

· “Only in a race to lead that nation’s sickest state economy does a bogus issue rife with xenophobia and misguided blame get air time. (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06).

· “Gov. Jennifer Granholm would be well advised to disavow this phony bit of Democratic demagoguery [regarding China] before it blows up in her face” (Detroit Free Press Columnist Brian Dickerson, 6/30/2006).

· “Those who suggest that every Chinese worker Amway employed swiped the livelihood of some Michigan Amway worker don't have a clue how the 21st-Century world economy works (Detroit Free Press Columnist Brian Dickerson, 6/30/2006).

· “Voters with a modicum of economic literacy -- including many moderates who voted for Granholm in 2002 -- will recognize the outsourcing claim as hokum” (Detroit Free Press Columnist Brian Dickerson, 6/30/2006).

· “Brewer's right: Michigan voters should decide if Alticor-in-China is a big deal. The facts point to one conclusion -- no, not really” (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 8/21/2005).

· “Democratic attacks on DeVos as a globalist gone wild, shipping jobs by the boatload to China, are filled with illogic and distortions” (Detroit Free Press, 8/29/2005).

· “Granholm, in a fund-raising letter, warned that DeVos as governor would ‘outsource’ Michigan jobs. Apparently she thinks he's nuts enough to view the depletion of jobs in his own state as a worthy goal” (Detroit Free Press, 8/29/2005).

· “Now Democrats are making the equally silly argument: Don't vote for Dick DeVos because he sold soap in China” (Lansing State Journal Columnist Chris Andrews, 8/31/2005).

· “It ought to give the Dems the perfect campaign hammer to pound DeVos with before an electorate that is scared to death of globalization. Except for two things: (1) It isn't true; and (2) what the Democrats see as a negative --DeVos' international experience -- is in fact the expertise Michigan needs to transform its economy” (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/2006).

· “Not a single Michigan job was lost because of that investment [in China]. Alticor's China factory serves only China and doesn't export products to the United States” (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/2006).

· “The Democrats' China paranoia is damaging to Michigan” (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/2006).

· “There's a lesson in the Alticor experience for Michigan companies and Michigan voters. Globalization shouldn't be dreaded, it should be exploited” (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/2006)

· “Trashing China won't encourage foreign investment in Michigan or stem the slide in auto jobs” (Detroit News Columnist Howes, 4/21/2006).

· “That Brewer & Co. keep pounding this non-issue suggests that the charge polls better than the facts and that it successfully diverts attention from Michigan's dismal economic record. The guv, usually a foreign investment evangelist, should know better” (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 4/21/2006).

· “But China bashing risks making Michigan -- and, by extension, its governor -- look like parochial xenophobes. How does any of that help?” (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 4/21/2006).


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Anonymous said...

Hi, i was looking over your blog and didn't
quite find what I was looking for. It all looks like a bunch of bullshit. What the hell does the governor have to do with problems in the housing sector? While we ALL know what DICK Devos has to do with sending jobs and money to CHINA.