Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bouchard and Bush: A Great Couple

President Bush was in Michigan yesterday and helped raised Mike Bouchard’s Senate campaign around $1 million dollars. Dave and Pam Johnson hosted the fundraiser at their home in Clarkston. It was a huge success, as over 500 donors packed their “stables” to hear President Bush.

The President talked about how important this race is, what a quality candidate Mike Bouchard is and urged all his donors to “dig a little deeper” and help “fund this campaign”. I think he said it best when he addressed the crowd and said “the only way a guy like Mike Bouchard loses this race is if we don’t fund him”. He went on to say “I’m here because I believe we can win and with your help we will”.

I had a chance to talk to Karl Rove about the race and he said “I think you guys are going to pull this off”!!!

The President challenged us to step up and make a difference. Together, I know we can. If you haven’t donated to the Bouchard for Senate campaign, I hope you will.

P.S. to Mark Brewer: NO ONE skipped this event…every major political leader, player and donor who could make it - did…the placed was packed, energized and motivated. Wishful thinking and deceptive press releases don’t make it so.

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