Friday, September 29, 2006

Bouchard Is Catching Up With Stabenow Finally.....

My Letter to Senator Stabenow on S. 3930.
by: quaker21
Thu Sep 28, 2006 at 21:14:47 PM EDT
(Extremely disappointing. From the diaries - promoted by matt)

It's a very hard time for me, right now. With Senator Stabenow being one of 12 Democrats to voting YES on the torture bill, I am utterly beside myself.

I cannot fathom why one of our party leaders and our very own Democratic Senator would vote for such a bill.

I've written Senator Stabenow, and will call her offices tomorrow. But for now, I want to share my letter with you, members of MichLib.

quaker21 :: My Letter to Senator Stabenow on S. 3930.
Senator Stabenow,

I must convey my extreme disappointment and outright anger over your decision to support torture and the suspension of habeas corpus with regard to Senate Bill No. 3930.

I have been a staunch supporter of you and have supported you throughout your Senatorial bid for this mid-term election cycle. No more. It is with a heavy hand and heart that I will vote for you by default this election cycle -- in a year that is paramount to me as a Michigan resident when both my US House representative (Mike Rogers) and my Governor, Jennifer Granholm, are up for reelection along with my junior Senator.

I had hoped for a straight Democratic win. I believe that the Democratic party fights for the everyday citizens of Michigan and this great nation. I have devoted my time to champion the values presented by Gov. Granholm, Congressional House challenger Jim Marcinkowski, and yourself. This key vote that strikes to the very core of our American values has shaken my faith in not just the Democratic party, but more specifically, my faith in YOU, Senator.

While I now attend University in Chicago, Illinois, I find time to return to our great state of Michigan and devote my time, energy, and (limited) money to varied campaigns and political causes to make it a better place. But with the so-called "leadership" and "values" put forth in your vote for Senate Bill 3930, I am beginning to doubt my state and doubt my willingness to return to Michigan, if these are the values my elected officials represent.

While I do not expect it, I would hope for a genuine, articulate, and detailed response explaining why you voted for this dangerous and destructive legislation, Senator. I only feel it is appropriate, as you owe it not just to your Michiganian or Democratic constituencies, but rather to myself, a wide-eyed 21 year old political activist who had hoped for something better.

With regards,



I strongly recommend you all contact Senator Stabenow and share your feelings. Mine may not be the most eloquent, but it is the best I can do to convey how I feel.

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