Thursday, September 07, 2006

Breaking The Cap Off Charter Schools by Akindele Akinyemi

It's time to raise the cap on charter schools NOW.

I am saying this because it's time to shift the argument for more charter schools in our area. I give kudos to BOTH State Representatives Lamar Lemmons and Craig DeRoche for trying to move Wayne County Community College to authorize charters. This will help bring more educational entrepreneurship.

Many students that I have spoken with over the past few days do not even want to go back to Detroit Public Schools because of the chaos in the classrooms. Many feel that they are not learning a thing and many gay and lesbian gangs are sweeping our halls citywide.

Speaking of such, one girl was recently ran over three times and killed because she would not join a lesbian gang. This is a total breakdown of morals and values in our community and while people like Wendell Anthony are helping out with negotiating talks with DPS officials and Detroit Federation of Teachers parents are taking matters into their own hands by placing their children in charter schools or crossing the border into neighboring suburbs.

This is NOT a BLACK OR WHITE thing like many Black liberals want you to think. This is a civil rights issue. A civil rights issue that is being blocked by the NAACP, Democratic Party and Unions. However, these same groups do not give a two-cent damn about the plight of Black children in our community. They say we need to save all Black childen who want an education.

I say we take those who WANT to be saved to begin with. If you do not want to be on this journey for success then they can go back to a failing school district and fail until they realize that intellectual death will get them nowhere. We can no longer sit and hold a student's hand if they do not want to be taught, educated and trained to compete in a 21st century global society. They must be self-motivated, self reliant and focused on the task at hand. This includes the ones with their mama on crack, daddy in jail and broken homes.

It's time to start regionalizing the schools in Detroit. This should be turned over to Wayne County RESA. Since Black people do not vote in school board elections it should not even matter.
If they do not like regionalizing the schools then they should conduct site-based management or create a Board of Directors for each institution in the school district.

We must shrink the Detroit Public School District. No questions asked.

For those who oppose charters because parents do not have the transportation to get their children to school are lying. They can get on a bus like everyone else. The parents get on the bus to go over their boys' house or get their nails done. This is inexcusable. Have they ever thought of running their own transportation service (privitize business) to help those in charter schools get to where they needed?

It's time out for a teacher strike when 75% of the schools in DPS are failing. You want a pay increase then turn out the grade. Stop whining about what White people are doing in Bloomfield or Farmington Hills and how much money they are making. Shrink the district, regionalize the district or have a board of directors run the district.

These NAACP people, Democrats or whoever care about DPS because those teacher unions are filling their coffers up with millions of dollars to keep their operation alive.

It's time to break the cap off charter schools and promote more global academic achievement through educational entrepreneurship and educational options.

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