Monday, September 04, 2006

The Change We Need by Akindele Akinyemi

Michael Bouchard is not as bad as I thought. Even though I wanted Keith Butler to win I can clearly see why Butler did not have a problem endorsing Bouchard to whip Stabenow in November.

Michigan is in a crisis. We have a governor that is forcing people to leave Michigan in record numbers. In fact, young people have created an escape route for leaving Michigan. Take I-75, I-94 or I-69 to leave the state.

Stabenow, on the other hand, is so liberal that she has only passed one bill in the six years she has been in office. That was to rename a federal building.

I know for one thing, Stabenow supports the murder of Black children through abortion, she supports academic lynching in our community, and she loves pork barrel spending.

According to Debbie Stabenow:

"I think we need to secure the borders as soon as possible."

However, Stabenow voted against providing an additional $1.83 billion to construct 370 miles of double-layered fencing and at least 461 miles of vehicle barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.

She also said the following:

"Social Security will not be given to illegal immigrants. I did not vote for it to be given."

However, on May 18, 2005, Stabenow cast the deciding vote on legislation that would have stopped illegal immigrants qualifying for Social Security benefits. The legislation was killed by a vote of 50-49-1.

Stabenow has voted at least 11 times against medical malpractice reform measures that would increase access and lower the cost of health care for Michigan families.

Why Bouchard? It's simple. The change we need will come from a proven leader in cutting taxes and reducing excessive regulations.

Making the death tax, marriage penalty tax and income tax cuts permanent. Also protecting workers pensions is a high priority for Bouchard.

But most importantly, we need someone who will breathe life into creating jobs for Michigan.

So here is the burning question: why should African Americans look into Michael Bouchard? Well for social conservatives his position on pro-life, educational options and traditional marriage are more aligned with African Americans than Stabenow. Bouchard believes in promoting small business while Stabenow believes in keeping you enslaved to a larger government program that is tied up in red tape.

More imprtantly, Stabenow has not done anything to breath life in Southeast Michigan. Let alone the State of Michigan. What's up with Granholm and Stabenow? Two losers who cannot create jobs to keep young people in Michigan. Two losers bought and paid for by the teacher unions. While teacher unions support both of these losers our children continue to die academically.

Keep your eyes on the poll numbers as Stabenow's lead become smaller.

The only person we must elect to the U.S. Senate who will carry this mission is Michael Bouchard.


Anonymous said...

YUCK!!! so are you now the offical republican mascot...keep fetchin that water and holding those jock straps...

akindele akinyemi said...

ok...I must be doing something right because you are displaying your brain right on this blog with your insults.

Lisa said...

I LOVE IT!!!! It is so great to have your voice supporting the Republican challengers. I agree that we need a change in leadership to move our state forward in these hard times. Mike Bouchard's record on fiscal responsibility will serve Michigan and the country well. Dick DeVos's enterprise management experience and commitment to hard work will RESULT in better times for Michigan.

akindele akinyemi said...

go lisa..i'm so glad that someone supports our network!!!!

Afrknsci said...

Mr. AK His agenda is far from new it is what we all work our skin off for in these 9-5's and other hustles! Sounds like any other ads and service announcements "let's fight drugs" "let's fight ignorance" "let's fight crime" But the beneficiaries of this system never address the root causes and social diseases that make this condition possible. Today the Republicans are about two steps from fascism in that they are in the control of the financial specualtors, the global oil empires and the right wing Christion nationalists.There are a whole lotta people out here TALKING a good game and spinning the right words that's what they hire publicists for. This reminds me of Nino Brown handing out turkeys for thanks giving and giving dollar bills to the little children.Do we continue to cast our lots into the dirty game of politics which continues in a history of failure to address or make headway on the problems of our people which in many areas are at crisis levels.In my mind the "Parties" are over...AK if you haven't already been there google"14 points of facism". A compelling argument is made that this Republican controlled government is all the way there. Just another reason to join on to our own kind and leave them in their madness. We Black folk are going to straighten out the Republican Party? A likely story.