Saturday, September 02, 2006

Culture of Death in Detroit: Welfare by Akindele Akinyemi

Why should Granholm be re-elected? Does she even care about Black people in general? For those who are going to vote for Granholm I would advise you to read the following article from the Detroit Free Press:

One black man's opinion: We must be accountable

Despite low income, he tries to make impact



Arthur Haggerty knows he's not an anomaly in Michigan. He's one of the 410,244 black residents in the state who are poor.

In fact, nearly one-third of all African Americans in Michigan are living below the poverty line. According to new U.S. Census data released Tuesday, the percentage of poor blacks was three times that of whites statewide in 2005 and in many metro Detroit communities.

Living below the poverty level is defined by the federal government as receiving an income of just under $20,000 a year for a family of four. For individuals like Haggerty, the income threshold is $9,973.

"All jobs don't pay $20 an hour, and if you don't have a skill, you're not going to get anything but minimum wage -- if that," said Haggerty, a Dearborn Heights resident. "But I do think that we as a people have to be held accountable. There are programs where you can go and learn a trade. We need to get off drugs. Some of this is self-inflicted, and we need to do better."

Haggerty, 50, receives $575 a month, or $6,900 a year, in Social Security disability benefits. He used to drive trucks for various Eastern Market vendors before he was injured in 2001. Now he's trying to start an antiviolence campaign for Detroit's youth.

"My rent is $300. After I pay my phone and cable bill, I don't have nothing," he said. "I just try to take care of my basic necessities and make a difference."

Like Haggerty, other Wayne County blacks struggled financially, with 31% of them living below the poverty line compared with 10% of whites and 18% of Hispanics.

In Oakland County, 13% of African Americans and Hispanics were impoverished, compared with 5% of whites.

And 21% of Macomb County's black population lived in poverty compared with 7% of whites.

In Detroit, 32% of the black population lived in poverty, compared with 26% of whites and 23% of Hispanics.

There is a direct link between the poverty level and joblessness in the region and state, economists say. Unemployment rates increased dramatically in many counties according to census numbers, with the largest jump in Detroit, where 21% of all residents were not working in 2005.

N. Charles Anderson, Detroit Urban League president and chief executive, pointed to a lack of jobs -- even low-paying ones -- limited transportation to get to those jobs and challenges with education and literacy as reasons for the large number of African Americans living in poverty.

But Anderson also blamed another culprit: racism.

"Even though it still causes the hair to raise on the back of some folks' necks, you have to look at racism as a factor," he said. "Historically and now, opportunities are not easily come by for some."

MY RESPONSE: Racism is NOT a factor in the reason why Black people cannot move and shake in Detroit or in Michigan in general. When will liberals stop using racism as an excuse for the destruction of Black Civilization here in Michigan.

We choose to live in poverty. We love the hood. We love death.

For example, how come everyone in Detroit like to race down the damn street trying to get somewhere?

Detroit Public School Teachers on strike.

Crime is up in Detroit. Marriages are down.

Whole familes are either moving to the suburbs or out of state.

The problem is the fact we are operating on a sixth grade educational level.

47% of us are functionally illerate.

We cannot read and write but know how to screw and make babies. Therefore, we love welfare and being lazy yet blame white people for our social ills.

God does not exist in our families and when you add political chaos by Democratic leaders in Detroit we get the culture of death.

I keep preaching the fact that Black people are being led to hell by Black liberals who continue to keep us paranoid and scared of the truth.

Granholm is keeping Black people fighting each other when we should be taking personal responsibility to help each other not the Granholm Administration.

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