Saturday, September 09, 2006

Democrats win House Majority...what would that mean?

Republican political consultant Karen Hanretty put together a list of policy proposals the Congressional Democrats are currently supporting or encouraging as an alternative to what is happening now.

If you want an idea of what a Democratic controlled House of Representatives would these:

Legalize 12 million illegal immigrants

Roll back Pres Bush’s tax cuts (i.e., increase taxes)

Roll back military spending to pre-Sept 11th.

Bring home our troops from Iraq, Kosovo, Africa, Japan, Germany, and any other place around the world where we are not fighting the war on terror.

Provide health care to the millions of people who don’t want to pay for it (put the bill in the mail to the millions of Americans who already pay for it).

End No Child Left Behind (Provide free bus fair to all the children who will now be left behind and have no place to go.)

Lower the age for Social Security and increase the benefits.

Cut the price of gas. (Can’t wait to see where they find the authority to do this, but they keep telling us Americans are tired of paying too much at the pump, so they must have a plan for reducing the price.)

Increase the minimum wage to a “living wage,” which in a state like California is about $14.42/hour, or $30,000/year.

Put WalMart out of business. (Note to middle class: reserve your space in unemployment line now)

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