Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The true myth started during the signing of the Civil Rights Bill. Many misconceptions as to who really made the passage of the bill possible. The historical photo which showed the late Dr. Martin Luther King behind the late Lyndon Baines Johnson as he signed the bill. Armed with that photo most Blacks gave exclusive credit to the Democratic Party for its passage. Nothing could be further from the truth, for only (1) one Southern Democrat Sen. Yarbrough of Texas voted in favor of the bill. Another of many misguided conceptions, Dr. Martin Luther King being a pure Democrat, Dr. King held his independence tight, often maintaining that he judged candidates and people by the content of their character, for he knew without Republican support no Civil Rights Bill would have been possible. I know most Blacks hate to hear that because of past deep embedded indoctrinations. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY MADE THE CIVIL RIGHTS A REALITY.

The largest opposition to the bill came from Democratic from the south. ( John Stennis and James Eastland Miss.), ( F. Hollings and S.Thurmond, SC.), (Herman Talmadge and Richard Russell, GA.), ( Ben Everett Jordan and Samuel James Ervin Jr., NC.), (John Tower, Texas), (Ellender and Long, LA.), ( Albert Gore Sr. and Herbert S. Walters, Tenn.), (John Little McClellan and J. William Fulbright ARK.), (H. F. Byrd Sr. and A. Willis Robertson, Virginia), (Robert Byrd and Jennings Randolph, West Virginia), (S. Holland and George A. Smathers, FLA.), (John J. Sparkman and J. Lister Hill, AL.) All voted against the Civil Rights Bill, and fought Martin Luther King every chance they could.

Here’s the great Brainwash, LBJ and the Democratic Party proceeded to convince the Black Community to always vote the straight Democratic ticket. (I have heard this quote to many times for it not to be true LBJ saying to the Southern Senators “ You will have the N….. vote for forty years, and you did nothing to earn it. Look like he was right. The above named Senators where the real racists that fought hard against the Civil Rights Bill, Martin Luther King, and any other programs that benefited the Black Communities. These are facts, not handy sound bites that they feed the Black Community when its time to vote.

Look, it’s not rocket science, if you stick to the facts, they succeeded in brainwashing the Black Community to vote for those political figures that fought against your best interest daily. I recall the day I change my party affiliation to Independent, the registrar in her genuine Southern accent said something to the effect “ I have heard everything , here’s A N…..that declaring his affiliation as an Independent. My silence reply was that this N….. will never vote for Herman Talmadge or Richard Russell for they voted against the Civil Rights Bill, hated and disrespected Martin Luther King. When most Blacks are questioned regarding their dedication to the Democratic Party. Ugh..Ugh..Ugh..,laziness, family traditions, easy way to vote. These reason are being challenged today by many Blacks who are changing their affiliation to Independent. The Black Community should be free of any problems when you look at the voting percentage they continue to give the Democratic Party. What do you get in return! Key Appointments NO, Committee chairs NO, fair treatment NO, same old sound bites blame and hate Bush, how about Clinton’s eight years. Lets entertain some more recent facts to back my points.

As we look at the Democratic Party from the trenches, we see more and more of a growing trend of taking the Black Communities and their votes taken for granted. The following are some critical actions that supports that statement. …Much have been written, discussed, debated and argued about the 2000 Presidential Race. With most of the headlines focused on the problems in Florida, many missed the main reason Al Gore was unable to win the Presidential Race without doubts or controversy. Lets start with the selecting his running mate. Prior to his running mate selection, Al Gore was told he needed a running mate to help him carry his home state of Tennessee, as he was in trouble.

One name that kept coming up was the smart, articulate, and well liked Rep. Harold Ford. Rumors have it, someone in the Al Gore’s family camp saying if we need a Black man as a running mate to win Tennessee we don’t deserve to win. Rep. Ford’s presence on the ticket would not only seal Tennessee, but would have mobilize the young vote to the polls and probably result in winning Florida with ease. By not selecting Rep. Ford you heard no protest from the Black Caucus, the so-called Black leaders, or the Community. Nobody blamed Al Gore for his choice, but his actions speaks loud and clear. Remember his concession speech when he said” I guess I need to go home and mend some fences”. President Bush have received all of blame for that election, but how can you not blame Al Gore when he could not carry his home state.

Electing Rep. Pelosi ahead of Rep. Ford for House Minority Leader. Again no protest from the Black Caucus, so-called Black leaders, or the Black Community.

…Rejecting the late Maynard Jackson a respected bond lawyer from Atlanta as chairman of the DNC.

…Learning nothing from the Gore campaign, John Kerry started his campaign with no Blacks on his executive staff, once confronted with those facts he twisted Rep. Ford’s arm for help. That was just window dressing, he paid very little attention to Rep. Ford, the Black Caucus, the so-called Black leaders, or the Black Community. He should have beaten President Bush in a landslide. Overlooked again as a running mate is Rep. Ford who would mobilize the young and black vote to the polls, thus helping Kerry in some crucial Southern States. He picked a running mate that could not win re-election in his Senate seat in his own state. You cannot blame President Bush for winning, as much as blaming Kerry for losing.

…Electing Howard Dean chairman of the DNC , rejecting the smart and smooth Ms. Donna Brazilee, that was and is a complete joke.

To continue to the next group of facts, I must give Webster’s definition of Brainwashing which states, (Intensive political indoctrination aimed at changing a person’s basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with a fixed and unquestioned set of beliefs.) Mrs. Hillary Clinton goes into the most sacred and respected places in the Black community to deliver her Plantation speech, all negativeness about the other party, nothing about what she would do difference. The Black church is a place for uplifting, inspirational, spiritual, and motivating messages. The Plantation Lady (Mrs. Hillary Clinton) speech was out of place, insulting, in very poor taste, and had little to do with celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day. For me, she made my stand clearer, the real Plantation Party is the Democratic Party. Under no circumstances would she go to the white churches with that same behavior.

President Bill Clinton knew how to handle the Black churches, he gave you an inspirational message, with a sense of spiritual meaning. He make you feel good about yourself, even though he had the ability to urine on you and convince you it was rain. To his credit he gave the Black churches the utmost of respect and easily understood the emotions involved. The Plantation Lady is no Bill Clinton. No protest of her appearance, but many Blacks will not forget, just because you don’t see it in the news, the Black pulpit is a very sacred arena and the Plantation Lady will never understand it.

Taken for granted, not investigating the facts, actions, or agendas has lead to being used as a voting tool by making you feel good emotionally with no effort to change your economical conditions. Be the best that you can be, work hard to acquire financial independence, and maintain faith in God and yourself are classified as racist statements. Back to Rep. Ford he is running for the Senate seat in Tennessee with very lackluster support from the Democratic Party, that same Black Caucus, or so-called Black leaders. Compare that with the support Mr. Blackwell, Mr. Steele and Mr. Swann are receiving from the Republicans. The facts seem to tell all, if you are a Black Democrat you will not be under consideration for any worthwhile positions within the Democratic Party.

Yes, I know a lot of people don’t want me to say that ,but the facts speak for themselves. Another Example: Most Black have been misled and brainwashed to hate Rush Limbaugh and Larry Elder, without even listening to them for one (1) minute, I challenge each Black to listen for (3) three hours a day for one week, then draw your own conclusions as to the quality of inspiration, motivation, and spiritual message then make that comparison to a message delivered by an opportunist like Hillary Clinton that have a record of taking you for granted and only know of your existence when it’s time to vote.

The writer have been an Independent for years, I used the word “we” many times in this presentation because many professional Blacks are changing their affiliation to Independent.

Independence is the most popular noun in politics today, one reliable poll recently indicated that over forty (40) percent of voting Americans are Independents, and expect that number to grow. The present young and educated Black voters are no longer impressed with just calling Ms. Rice, Mr. Powell, Honorable Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, Mr. Al Johnson, Mr. Larry Thompson, Honorable Judge Janice Rogers Brown, Mr. Blackburn, Mr. Swain, Mr. Steele and others Uncle Toms and sellouts. Where are the Democratic appointments, assignments, and accountabilities showing that the Democratic Party have the best interest of the Black Community at heart. Where are the Black Democrats strong appointments and quality committee assignments. It seem without a doubt that the Democratic Party is the real Plantation Party.

Ugh..Ugh..Ugh..Ugh.. Is about all you will hear. Who is more capable of delivering a genuine message of inspiration, motivation, spiritual with meaning substance. Who would deliver the better message if invited as a featured speaker during your regular Sunday service. Mrs. Clinton can only use such an opportunity to blame others with no plan of her own. Mr. Limbaugh and Larry Elder would deal with what you need to do as a person to become the best that you can be, backed with facts and truths. We have reached a period, however painful, where we must remove ourselves from brainwashed conditions created by assumptions and handy sound bites.

Will Mrs. Clinton agree to be interviewed by a panel of successful Blacks like; Mr. Thomas Sowell, Mr. Walter Williams, Mr. Herman Cain, Mr. Shelby Steele, Ms. Star Parker, Ms. Michelle Malkin and other like personalities. She will as always duck and dodge the truth, and always look at the above listed quality people as misguided Black Republicans. I have always been an independent, thus an independent thinker. I look at the quality of the person and their past performance. Should Rep. Harold Ford lose his race in Tennessee due to lackluster support from the Democratic Party, look for him to change his political affiliation, an idea that might be good for a lot of Black Democrats.

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