Monday, September 11, 2006

Detroit Teacher Strike is A National Embarrassment by Akindele Akinyemi

The Detroit Public School teacher strike has become childish. I have spoken with BOTH Ruth Johnson and Sheriff Michael Bouchard and they even said it has gone too far.

While our children are suffering academic genocide in the school district by staying at home and doing nothing but watching TV we are still falling further behind the 8-ball. Again, this is the reason why we need to life the cap off charter schools and explore vouchers as an alternative to saving Black children from intellectual death.

I have been saying all along that the Detroit Public Schools should be shrunk down to size and the school board should be abolished and turned over to Wayne RESA. We can no longer manage the district and for those who are trying to save the district will fail because we have incompetent teachers who are crying for more money and cannot produce results in the classrooms.

I am urging legislators to stregthen the teacher strike law. I am also calling on legislators to break up the Detroit School District. This is not about Black people vs. White people. This is about saving our children and we need to do this by any means necessary.


Afrknsci said...

I disagree.How can you assume that its childish to collectively bargain for better working conditions? its no question that Teachers in DPS need a bump up in pay...they shouldn't be cutting anyones salries other than administrators and senior administrators because everyone else is making peanuts and chump change sir

THE JAM said...

Hey Akindele,

I think that it is a National Embarrassment on the Teachers Union and the School District. I feel sorry for the teachers. Iam a product of DPS and at one point wanted to study teaching. The conditions of our school are embarrassing. I believe that the caps should be taken off charter schools. Let DPS know that their not the only game in town. I disagree that abolishing the school board is the answer, but accountability is.