Wednesday, September 20, 2006

DeVos on Home Schooling

Dear Home School Friends:

For much of my life I have fought to empower Michigan parents with more options so they can provide the best educational opportunities for their children. One of these options I believe we must strengthen and protect is home schooling, in which tens of thousands of families benefit statewide.

As a former home-schooling dad, I have witnessed first-hand the benefits that a home school education has provided my two daughters. Having walked in your shoes, I wholeheartedly support the ability of parents to teach in accordance with their values and beliefs. We must work to preserve this educational option in Michigan.

Governor Granholm has announced her support for expanding government control of education, threatening the independence of home school families. While I strongly favor increased accountability in education, I do not support government regulation that hinders the freedom of home school parents.

Sadly, Michigan’s single-state recession is drastically decreasing opportunities for our young people. One of the reasons why I am running for Governor is to ensure that our children will have opportunities right here in Michigan so they won’t have to move out of the state to find a good paying job.

As your next Governor, I will not rest until every child in Michigan is given equal access to a quality education, whether that comes in the form of a public school, non-public school, charter or home school. The bottom line is that we must offer a wide range of options and let the parents decide what’s best for their children.

I am grateful for your support and I hope you will join me on the campaign trail. To make a difference please visit and sign up as a volunteer today!

Thank you for your commitment and sacrifice. I applaud the great work you do everyday to teach Michigan’s children.


Dick DeVos

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