Thursday, September 21, 2006

Grand Kleage Brewer: Bad for Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

I would like to point this out to those who are reading this:

Mark Brewer of 37414 Stonegate Cir. is listed as having made a $16.99 in-kind contribution to the DeVos campaign in their filing with the Secretary of State moments ago. The donation was "a special gift to help him calculate the cost of his economic agenda – a Chinese made abacus" according to a MDP press release.

If people cannot see that Mark Brewer is supporting DeVos (here is further proof below):

Do you THINK Brewer supports Granholm? THINK!!! It was this racist that stopped Butch Hollowell from becoming the first Black man to run a major political party in the State of Michigan.

THINK!! He supported and represented his buddies over at the Ku Klux Klan a few years ago.

THINK!!! If Brewer REALLY supported Granholm he would stop running those false commericals on TV against DeVos and try to support the governor's record on education. Instead, he has made Granholm look like an ass on statewide television.

THINK!!! Brewer was the catalyst behind Amos Williams getting elected OVER Scott Bowen for Attorney General. Bowen was hand picked by GRANHOLM!!! Why would BREWER go against the CEO of the State of Michigan?

This guy is setting Granholm up for failure and has no intention of helping Blacks on the Democratic ticket.

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