Monday, September 25, 2006

Granholm's Black Journal by Akindele Akinyemi

I was watching American Black Journal last night on Detroit Public Television and she was just lying right in front of Cliff Russell.

For instance, when Mr. Russell asked her about why she did not back her candidate for attorney general she said she did not back any candidate.

It is a well known fact that Granholm asked Scott Bowen to step down from the judgeship in Grand Rapids to run for Attorney General. Instead, Granholm took a back seat and allowed the Grand Wizard of the Michigan Democrats, Mark Brewer, to use the Labor Caucus to endorse a weaker candidate, Amos Williams, to embarrass the Michigan Democrats.

Granholm stated that the Democratic Party needs a backbone and stand up to what's right. By her saying that demonstrates that she do not have a backbone as well. How many times have Granholm stood up Detroit?

She also stated that she has stood strong on education. So how come she was a late show when DPS teachers went on strike?

She said she was for affirmative Action. While this is supposed to be a non-partisan movement Granholm did a wonderful job on explaining how the Democrats have always supported Affirmative Action even though the concept was the brainchild of Art Fletcher, a Black Republican, during the Nixon Administration in 1969.

Granholm also expounded on how DeVos is a jobs maker and how he made jobs in China. This is a point of total weakness on her part because she knows for a fact that other manufacturers have invested in China including General Motors. By the way, GM invested $2 billion dollars in China. If Rick Wagoner, the CEO of GM, was running for Governor would Granholm attack him as well?

Speaking of manufacturing, she claims DeVos is lying about Honda. Ok, where the hell is Honda Granholm is he is lying? She spoke with Honda officials in Tokyo. Hell, I spoke with MAPSA officials in Lansing but if they are not helping us down here with charter schools in Detroit then my trip was just that....a trip.

Granholm blamed the Bush Administration for jobs loss in Michigan through trade policies. However, she did not point out how 5.7 million jobs have been created since Bush took office in 2001. Meanwhile, 109,000 jobs have been lost under Granholm watch. People are hauling ass right out of Michigan seeking better opportunities.

No one is blaming Engler for Michigan's crisis but Granholm. However, when Engler was Governor, people were eating and working. People enjoyed prosperity under Engler.

Today, people are hungry, poverty is off the hook, and Black people are moving by the droves.

When Mr. Russell asked the final question to Granholm on why she should have four more years she stated the seeds have been planted. Yes, the seeds have been planted. The seeds of destruction and the seeds of fear, intimidation and paranoia.

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