Friday, September 15, 2006

Granholm's Talking Smack by Akindele Akinyemi

This woman must go. I am asking God personally to remove her from office and replace her with Dick DeVos.

Have anyone ever read her website? This is what she said right out of her own mouth.

A lot of our problems, for better or worse, are due to things that are completely controllable on a national level, but that have been neglected by George Bush and the Washington Republicans. For example, Bush's failure to enforce trade agreements have cost the U.S. literally hundreds of thousands of jobs — hitting Michigan particularly hard. This failure is almost covered up by the great lack of competence that the Bush administration continues to exhibit in so many other ways, but nonetheless it is having a very real impact on American workers, again, particularly workers in Michigan.

I swear if this is true then how come 5.7 million jobs have been created nationwide? How come MOST if not damn near ALL of my professional friends HAVE moved or ARE moving to other places in the country to WORK? I know WHOLE familes that have uprooted from Detroit and moved as far south as Florida. Some have even taken their loved ones OUT OF HOSPICE and allow them to die in peace instead of Michigan.

Dick DeVos and his family gave over $600,000 to the Bush campaign in 2000, and in 2004 the DeVos and Van Andel families, who founded Amway together, gave almost $5 million to Bush and other Republican causes. DeVos has also given money to a whole litany of right wing groups that support outsourcing at the expense of American jobs and to the great benefit of a fortunate few. He has supported school vouchers, and he's attacked Medicaid and a woman's right to make personal health care decisions.

Granholm was nowhere to be seen when Robert Thompson offered $200 million to create 15 charter high schools in Detroit. She was gung-ho with cahrters and then the teacher unions reminded her who's her daddy. Then she backed off the deal.

When DPS was on strike for 16 days it took her forever to get invloved. Then she told Mayor Kilpatrick to "settle this for me." Ridiculous.

DPS has the most ineffective school system in Michigan yet Granholm continues to block options for parents.

Granholm supports abortions because she is on Emily's List even though she is a "practicing" Catholic.

As Governor, I've developed the nation's most comprehensive and aggressive economic plan. We're creating jobs right now by investing in roads and schools, and by helping our struggling manufacturers. And we're investing $2 billion to diversify our economy through my 21st Century Jobs Fund — more than any other state in the country, creatively using our tobacco settlement moneys — so that Michigan becomes a center for the high-tech industries of the future, including life sciences and alternative energy. Although there is a lot of work still to be done, we are already starting to make progress — companies like Google and United Solar Ovonic and Toyota and hundreds of other companies are choosing our state as the place to invest and create jobs.

Since Granholm revealed this comprehensive plan:

The U.S. Midwest – Japan Association met this week in Indianapolis, Indiana. In attendance: Ohio Governor Bob Taft, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and 600 other business and government leaders. Not in attendance: Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (Indianapolis Star, 9/10/06).

Honda Motor Company announced the future construction of a new plant in the Midwest, creating 1,500 jobs. Though the governor was in Japan, Granholm did not meet with the Japanese based company’s executives, because, as she said on the Paul W. Smith Show on May 17, 2006, she was “totally booked."

Governor Daniels of Indiana was ready to fight for Indiana’s manufacturers. Daniels discussed how his administration had been in talks with Honda for “several months” prior to the announcement (Washington Post, 5/17/06).

The governor claimed that neighboring Indiana and Ohio would have to “go through Michigan” to score the plant. Granholm sent representatives to meet with Honda, but an automotive expert would go on to call Granholm’s efforts “AN 11th HOUR PITCH” and another expert to claim Michigan was a “VERY, VERY DISTANT THIRD” for attracting the plant. (WJR Radio, 5/19/06; Columbus Dispatch, 5/23/06).

Consequently, Honda Motor Company announced that they would be building the plant in Greensburg, Indiana (Washington Post, 6/28/06).

Last fall when Delphi Corporation announced its bankruptcy, Governor Daniels of Indiana took action, speaking with company officials and trying to convince them that Indiana had profitable facilities that would be good for consolidation. Granholm’s response? After releasing a public statement blasting the company’s executives, she said that her administration was in a “HOLDING PATTERN” (Indianapolis Star, 10/13/05).

Even Months later, when the threat of a disastrous strike by Delphi employees was on the horizon, it was reported that Governor Granholm was taking a “WAIT-AND-SEE APPROACH” toward the situation (WJRT- ABC Flint Evening Newscast, 5/4/06).

On May 16, 2006, while Governor Granholm was in Japan, ThyssenKrupp AG in Detroit, announced that it would be closing its 82 year-old plant and outsourcing 350 Michigan jobs to Shelbyville, Kentucky (Detroit Free Press).

On May 19, 2006, while Governor Granholm was in Japan, Hart and Cooley Inc. in Holland, announced that they would be slashing 350 Michigan manufacturing jobs from their payroll (WZZM 13- Grand Rapids).

This past May, when Governor Granholm went to Japan, Michigan lost a total of 17,100 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

The 22 companies that Granholm is touting she “brought home” were already here! Most of these companies previously had locations in Michigan prior to her trips (Crain’s Detroit Business, 8/2/05; Detroit News, 7/30/05; Detroit News 5/17/06).

Since Jennifer Granholm has been governor, Michigan has lost 104,600 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Since Governor Granholm introduced her “Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow Plan”, Michigan has lost 55,100 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

United Van Lines reports that Michigan now leads the country in one-way out-of-state moves.

Michigan’s unemployment rate is 7.0%, nearly 50% above the national average (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Nearly 20% of Michigan’s children are living in poverty (Detroit Free Press, 8/30/06).

Michigan’s median income has dropped below the national average for the first time ever (Detroit News, 8/30/06).

In 2005 89,473 Michigan citizens filed for bankruptcy. This represented an all-time high in filings. (Detroit Free Press, 9/18/05)

From February 2004 to February 2006, the rate of home foreclosures in Michigan doubled to a rate that is 2 ½ times higher than the national average. (Muskegon Chronicle, 2/27/06)

Just this year, 35,000 Metro-Detroiters lost their homes to foreclosure (Detroit News, 9/13/06).

Michigan’s foreclosure rate is now the 6th highest in the nation (Detroit News, 9/13/06).

Including Washington DC, Michigan ranks 51st in the nation in home values. (CNN Money, 12/1/05)

So she created what again?

On October first I'm raising the minimum wage to $6.95 an hour, and eventually to $7.40. Very soon I will sign legislation that creates a state-level earned income tax credit for the first time in Michigan history. We are making incredible progress here.

First, I know people that are going to lose their businesses of this increase. Second, who is making incredible progress? Not the small business owners.

This is more the reason why we need change in Michigan. I hope Black people can read what I have put on here and help me get DeVos elected.

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The Disembodied Head of Dick Devos said...

You're right on the money! Never mind about the fact that Michigan lost 42% of its auto assembly jobs versus a 14% loss in the U.S. This campaign needs to be about vague feelings, not facts!
Deck Devos hates facts.

Thanks for helping me to take back Michigan for the corporations and special interests.