Friday, September 15, 2006

A Hardline Statement from Akindele Akinyemi

I may be forced to leave Michigan if we keep this foolishness up.

Young Black professionals who I have been talking to are afraid that Granholm will be re-elected. If so they will be leaving the state right away to find better opportunities.

Of course the same young Black professionals who I have been speaking to are supporting DeVos.

There is no way I can stay here in Southeastern Michigan let alone Michigan if this do-nothing governor is re-elected. I would rather move to neighboring Ohio or Indiana than deal with this. In some cases Charlotte, North Carolina or Nashville, TN.

I was reading the paper when I saw this comment in the Detroit News:

By all indications, Gov. Jennifer Granholm should be getting clobbered.

Voters in growing numbers -- 60 percent in September, compared to 48 percent in August -- don't think she's done a good job, according to the latest statewide Detroit News/WXYZ-TV survey, released Thursday. Two-thirds say Michigan is headed in the wrong direction and seven in 10 believe the state's anemic economy is getting weaker.

But of those voters who have decided, a majority is willing to give her a second term because they trust her, they're inclined to blame the economy on President Bush and they think that compared to Republican challenger Dick DeVos, her positions on most issues are more in line with their own.

This is an serious indication that people are totally out of touch with reality. If Bush is the problem then how come this country has gained 5.7 million jobs while we continue to loose jobs? How many people who I know personally have LEFT Michigan to get a job? Are we that stupid and uneducated? I guess so. If 60% feel that she is not doing a good job then why are you voting for her? Is it because people are too lazy to see what DeVos has done? People are too lazy to read the Michigan Turn Around Plan.

I was on the phone with my friend and she even told me that she was thinking about going back home to Grand Rapids. I told her I might make that move myself. We BOTH concluded that there are no opportunities here in Detroit.

I know most Black people in Detroit are paranoid and scared of something they do not understand. They resort to the race card and anyone who tells me different is lying.

There are no educational jobs in leadership for me or my peers. Of course, the Granholm camp dances around this critical issue everytime I bring it up because they do not know how to address this. There are people with no education making more than those with education. This is a crisis. Then some supporters claim that there are jobs available in Michigan but people do not have the skills.

We DO have the skills and yet the employment section of ANY newspaper in this region is razor thin (1-3 pages). So it just not the skills but these people are playing God with our livelihoods. We cannot start a business without being taxed to death.

We have sacrificed to get our Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degrees in education and we cannot find ANY jobs? Yet, people are voting for Granholm based on personality and NOT her record?

Have Black people forgotten that this is the same Governor that signed into law the Driver Responsibility Fee? This is the fee that if you license is suspended and you are caught driving you have to pay this fee? I'm sure you guys over at the Granholm camp have to PAY this fee as well yet you will vote for her anyway because she is pretty? How many Black people in this city can afford to pay this fee?

Have Black people forgotten that this is the same Governor that outlawed lap dances in Michigan?

Have Black people forgotten how she is for partial birth abortion? Same sex marriage and the lack of educational choice? All detrimental to the Black community.

If we re-elect this "governor" back in office because of her personality (even though there is full scale war going on in Detroit) I will be fully convinced that people are stupid (not ignorant) and there will never be any hope for us. We would have done ourselves a total disservice to our community. God should NOT bless us but continue to pour out the vials of destruction upon Detroit for turning our backs on HIS word. The city has not been blessed and re-electing Granholm would force people like myself to evacuate right away. I will not be caught by the crossfire and I sure will not deal with Black folks who have turned their backs on me but call me "brother" when we are NOT brothers due to your foul lifestyle.

I have address this issue before on this blog. We are moving in MASS numbers not just because of the state economy BUT the quality of life. I hear so many Black people falsely blaming Bush for the state economy, yet, I can find a job outstate a lot faster than here in Michigan. How many times jobs have called me to RELOCATE? Why stay here when I can find prosperity elsewhere?

The Granholm camp is blaming Bush and the Big Three for massive job loss. What the hell does that have to deal with educators? No one will address this issue because it is sensitive.

As a champion of Black Flight in this region I feel it is necessary to remind Granholm that re-electing her would cause massive Black flight from the urban centers in Michigan. The only ones who would stay behind are those with no education, stuck where they are at or the elderly. We would be FORCED to move. Those who will like to stay and help Granholm "rebuild Michigan and Detroit" may not see tomorrow. In fact, there is no tomorrow staying here in Detroit and staying with people that cannot think on their own because most of us do nothing but beg and whine.

Again, Black flight out of Detroit is the answer, not re-electing Granholm and doing things the same over and over again. This is called insanity and Black people have embraced this notion as a means of escape here in Detroit. Detroit will never change and its people will never change because of fear, paranoia and hatred towards those who think different.

Black people are voting for Granholm because we enjoy carjackings, poverty and hood economics. We enjoy the hood life, environmental racism, and the rampant practice of slavery through academic genocide.

Read this from the same article:

Explained pollster Ed Sarpolus: "The key thing in this election seems to be that it's coming down to trust. And voters appear to trust Jennifer Granholm to do the right thing.

"DeVos has yet to develop a trust between (himself) and the voters. His commercials tell voters that he is a businessman and that it's time for a change. But he isn't saying where he stands on issues so he can't create a bond with voters. That's his challenge."

This is so false!!!! Granholm doing the right thing? Where are my peer groups? Where are the young people who want to go into educational entrepreneurship? How come we are forced to work in a school district that pays excellent money BUT we have to deal with politics and the devil instead of dealing with our children?

DeVos HAS developed a trust between himself and the voters. I will not vote for a woman who is scared to deal with educational issues and policy. This spells doom for someone like myself, who will be crossing the finish line with a Masters in December, starting a Doctorate in January and is looking for greater and stronger opportunites. This goes the same for my peers. Again, something that the NAACP, Granholm camp or Stabenow people cannot explain to me.

They cannot explain it because they are pointing fingers at D.C. when they should be pointing fingers at themselves.

The REAL challenge is getting people to READ the issues and KNOW the facts. DeVos has created jobs. Under Granholm, it is impossible for young educated people to survive (unless you got a "hookup" like those in the Mayor's camp).

These people know that in BOTH the Granholm and Stabenow camps and that is why those volunteers are working religiously to make sure that these people win in hopes of finding a long term position.

The article also says the following:

"Voters trust Granholm and believe she's on their side on virtually every issue from abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research to health care and environmental issues."

Abortion and gay marriage? Where did EPIC/MRA conduct this survey? The only Black people I know that supports both of these measures are those who are in the NAACP, liberal churches that do not use the bible but uses the pulpit for political showdowns and the lost.

Do I sound harsh? Good. Perhaps you will wake up and smell something stinking in the air and that you will mobilize to help out to get DeVos elected. If Black people continue to possess fear in their hearts and allow Granholm to be re-elected then Detroit will be on its way straight to hell. The jobless rate would triple under a second term for Granholm and those who are seeking educational chocies for their children would be forced to leave the community in which they live in. Either way it goes we are faced with a greater full scale war in Michigan if Granholm is re-elected. We do not want educational warfare in Michigan due to the re-election of a governor who has been weak on education.

A vote for Granholm is considered massive failure, supporting a buffonish government and would cause a serious floodgate of Blacks leaving Michigan.


K. Danielle Edwards said...

Ease on down the road, brotha. They ain't ready for ya!

akindele akinyemi said...

LOL...I might end up in nashville!!!!