Friday, September 15, 2006

Here's What They Think About Granholm

Comments by Mike H. Sep 7, 2006

I'll weigh in on why I'll vote for Devos. First off he was born here in this state! That on principle alone is one reason. Not like Granholm who comes in from another country and thinks she can turn this state into a testing ground for failed liberal policies in her homeland. This is the end result you see here. Lost jobs, high taxes on everything. Forgot about the smokers tax? Yeah... 75c a pack! Hope you ignorant puffers can puff on that one while you drink up!

Let's not forget the tax on alcohol shall we? How about that property tax scheme where it pushed everybody's payment up... And created hardships in budgets? Especially mine! Devos has established background on bringing back an area from near ruin. See how Grand Rapids is better off economically than the rest of this state? Look at the man's accomplishments. How about 2nd Amendment rights? Granholm was given an "F" rating by the NRA. What does that tell you? Gas prices... Go out of Michigan and you'll see lower prices! What a shock isn't it? Maybe because this state is getting to high priced to live in thanks to the liberal yuppie elites driving their foreign cars as well as the artifical inflated cost of living in Michigan. I'll give it till November to see where I'll end up. Either I stay if Devos wins or I'M OUTTA HERE!

"Stop blaming the Governor for job losses that are not related to her policies and that she has no authority to change."

How come George Bush is creating jobs in Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and all the other states?

But dammit George Bush how come you keep losing them in Michigan. Why does George Bush hate only Michigan? George Bush must have conspired to send all the jobs in Michigan to the other states!

Grow up you cool aid jennifer jobless granholm drinkers - time for jobless jenny to take responsibility for her lack of leadership.

Comments by Jenny's Handbasket Sep 6, 2006

Vote for Granholm in 2006! Vote for free checks!Vote for "jobs banks" at the UAW! Vote for "more money" for free education. Free Healthcare! Free housing! Free poverty! Throw off the shackles of labor! Sit on your ass and get paid while doing it!

Oops. We voted for her already and look what we got. Ok. Forget what I said.

Vote for DeVos! I'd rather work my butt off for a chance to survive than put it in Jobless Jenny's handbasket to you-know-where!

Comments by DEVOSIN2006 Sep 6, 2006

DeVos and Amway bashers:You probably sit around in your "jobs banks" at Ford while leeching off the company until it becomes the empty shell it has become. Maybe you work in the public sector, sitting around in your city/county/state truck/office or skip out for 2-3 hours per day for a multiple-martini lunch (maybe even on the govt. tab?) or a solid "power nap" back at home.

You wouldn't be willing to work hard enough to succeed in Amway, nor have the charisma or selling skills to make it (or anything else worthwhile) happen. DeVos is for achievers and workers, not slugs who "pick up a check."

Comments by DEVOS IN 2006 Sep 6, 2006

OK. Enough about "give me one good reason to vote for DeVos" movement. What was "one good reason to vote for Granholm four years ago?" What was "one good reason to vote for Engler sixteen years ago?" What was "one good reason to vote for Blanchard way back when?" The fact is, many of these local politicians are somewhat unknown quantities until they take office. Granholm was a do-nothing Attorney General better known for her pouty lips,legs and blonde hair. Engler was an out-stater virtually unknown in the Detroit area, but local conservatives voted for him anyhow (anybody but Blanchard--SOUND FAMILIAR?) I was too young to remember Blanchard's past when he got elected, but I know he was a Democrat and they get a huge ignorance vote anyhow. "Automatic ballots" at the UAW, MEA, AFSCME, etc. Even senators like Stabenow and Spence Abraham; these people rode coattails or benefitted from the anti-incumbant movement. Most didn't even know who either of them were before they were elected. I wish I never heard of Stabenow the union crony. People on this blog site keep asking "What has DeVos done?" He hasn't been figuring out how to B.S. the public in elected office, I'll tell you. You can criticize Amway or Alticor or whatever the *#$% you want to call it, but it is a profitible MICHIGAN business.

He is a MICHIGAN man with connection inside and outside the state. Who in this country, or even on the globe, would want to do business with a state whose leaders is nothing but a union crony--so much to the extent that she told Bob Thompson to take his $200 million dollars for 18 charter schools in Detroit with the most corrupt and ineffective school system in the country???

All she does is kiss the MEA's and Kwame Kilpatrick's backsides??? Schools and crime. Two of the most important elements of settlement are both disasters. Forget about the SBT and union problems for a moment.

If I was looking to locate a plant, HQ, etc. and I saw that, I would RUN FOR THE HILLS...of Kentucky, W. Virginia, etc. and so is everybody else. Get this broad out of Lansing. Send her back to California or Canada--wherever she wants--she was born and raised in both. NOT MICHIGAN. Michigan needs new leadership before you wind up cutting 14 lawns a week with all the foreclosures and abandoned lots on your street. That's if you'll be able to afford gas.

Comments by Zack Sep 6, 2006

I always say that the government that governs least governs best. Just look at what we achieved with Katrina last year! Hoo boy! It was one of the finest moments in the era of conservative government, if you ask me. Michigan needs more of this laissez faire governing style, and I think Dick DeVos is the perfect man for the job. Instead of throwing Michigan workers a life raft, he'll cruise by on his yacht and throw them an anvil instead.

Comments by Stupid Jenny G Sep 5, 2006

"Those who blame Governor Granholm for the poor economic conditions in Michigan are doing so out of pure partisanship or ignorance."

Maybe Jennifer Granholm is the only ignorant one. I'm sorry maybe we should blame Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsyvania's governors for creating jobs in their state. Maybe clueless Granholm can go to them and ask how to run a state.

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