Monday, September 04, 2006

A Hero Is Created In Pontiac by Akindele Akinyemi

The "I AM A BLACK REPUBLICAN" T-Shirt made another smash hit today at the Arts, Beats and Eats festival in Pontiac, Michigan. There were so many people that I could not keep up. This lady with the sign asked me about my shirt and wondered if I was ministering the Word to our young men. I told her of course I am saving our young men.

These people were part of the festival. So many people asked questions about the t-shirt.

These are pictures from the festival. It was so crowded.

This lady talked to me about my shirt. She told me why she moved out of Detroit. She said her family did not feel safe anymore. She said I was brave to wear a Black Republican T-Shirt. She was planning to vote for DeVos because he stood strong on education and was pro-life.

This sister name is Angie Taylor. She is the co-founder of the Quantum Health Entertainment. She is a health care administrator who is working on her degree in molecular biology at Wayne State University. While I was talking to her I had over 20 people showed me nothing but love on my t-shirt. They encouraged me to talk to others about the history of the Republican Party and African Americans.

Angie and I talked about the lack of values in our community and how it will take conservative values to make things better. She talked to me how she could not find a job and therefore (along with her business partner) made a decision to go into business for themselves. Her business is three months strong and growing. She feels that Black people make too many excuses for their actions and need to embrace motivation as a strength for their success.

I went over to the Oakland County Democratic Party booth to pick up some literature. One guy asked me why I am a Black Republican. My original response to him was I do not want to be a Democrat. He then asked me how come I am not a Democrat like the rest of the African American community. I told him the Democratic Party is weak as hell on educational choices, they waste money in education and explained that my values are far greater than some Democratic Party that embraced the public lynching of African Americans.

The person was silent and then told me to bring him some information on Black Republicans. he gave me some props on defending the Republican Party.

I walked around the festival and asked questions from voters on the history of Black Republicans in the Republican Party and what direction we are going in the next 5 years. People were excited to see me walking around with a t-shirt explaining why I am a Black Republican. Older Blacks gave me props and the young adults even showed me love. One brother wanted to even pick up a shirt. He said Granholm raised the taxes so he had to close up his business.

He is voting for DeVos in the fall.

Remember that Oakland County Democratic Party booth I told you about earlier? When I walked past there again one person asked me why should I vote Republican when Bush have our troops fighting in Iraq. I told him those troops wanted to go over there to serve this country. No one made them go over there.

One lady wanted me to take off the shirt and support the Democratic Party. I told her why should I take off this shirt when the people in this party has helped me and my business? The Democrats have gutted every urban center in Michigan. They keep us dependent on their welfare policies, their failing educational policies and foolishness.

Even Democratic Oakland County Commissioner Dave Woodward watched how I was explaining how Democratic policies have totaled Detroit. The woman said she lived in Cass Corridor. I told her she should be more conservative in her approach in transforming the community instead of using those liberal practices.

Calling her self a attorney she did not even recognize the fact that the Driver Responsibility Fee was signed into law by her homegirl Granholm. She blamed this on Engler.

Once again this t-shirt has made headway and headlines. We are pushing for a sweep in November. The Black Republicans will make a difference in this election cycle.

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